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Wow, you have a winner on your hands here! I was really not too sure if this would be to my liking or not, but I have to say it was fabulous! Delicious blend of flavours, we were pleasantly surprised by this. I did take off a star, but only because it is an RSC recipe, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered, and just written to you about this personally Chef PotPie. The reason for the 4 stars was that there is nothing in the ingredient list about carrots and celery being part of the recipe ingredients, but it was in the directions. I thought I had all the ingredients until I got to step 3 LOL. Luckily I had carrots on hand, but I didn't have celery, so this was minus the celery. I assumed I was to use a raw carrot, so I chopped one medium raw carrot into the salad. Hope that was correct! I would have liked a little more dressing as well, and may just up the amounts for that the next time I make this. YES, there will be a next time, we really, really loved it! Thanks for posting a creative and delicious recipe! :)

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~Leslie~ August 31, 2007
Nuts! Fruity Barley Salad