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OMG! This is absolutely delicious. I've had my ice cream maker for two years and this is the first I've used it--what an initiation. I would highly recommend this recipe. I am already thinking of what I can serve at my next dinner club so I can make this as the dessert. Thanks for posting.

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MamaJ May 21, 2007

Well, I had to share this ice cream with neighbors, but that's only because I borrowed their ice cream maker! It was a big hit in both households, & was gone in no time! Next time, & there will be one or two or three, I'll just make it as a freezer dessert, as I've done other times. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

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Sydney Mike March 04, 2007

Saw you as chef of the day and was intrigued. Enjoyed reading your page and checking out your recipes. I have saved several of them to try later. The one for this ice cream caught my eye and my imagination and I just could not wait for later! This is one of the most excellent things I have made in ages! Your recipe is concise and easy to follow. Although having no thermometer, I sort of winged it on that part and went with experience. It worked out fine. The flavor is exquisite! I love nutmeg and since learning to grate it myself, have never looked back!I made two batches of this yesterday for our family dinner tonight. One batch went through the ice cream maker and the other did not. We were much too tired by the time we got to the second round,so I poured it into a metal bowl, covered it with plastic wrap and placed it into the freezer. The second batch was not as creamy, fluffy, pale or as smooth as the first, but the flavor was every bit as delicious! So, if you have no ice cream maker, you can still make this with success, and if you like nutmeg, you should try this!! At dessert time, those of us at the dinner who like nutmeg, very much enjoyed this! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! It's great! I rarely make and seldom eat ice cream, but this is one I will be making again and sharing with others. This won't just go into my permanent file, it will go into the Crave cookbook!

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LoriLou January 07, 2007

This ice cream is superb! It's rich, smooth and flavorful, and, although I haven't tried it, I would be willing to bet that with the addition of a small amount of rum, you would get the world's best eggnog ice cream, too. (Trying this is definitely in the works.) Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us.

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mianbao July 04, 2011
Nutmeg Ice-Cream (Grenada)