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Prep 10 mins
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If you have a recipe that calls for a graham-cracker crust, and you don't have the ingredients to make one or just want to try something that's not only simpler but much tastier--try this. Straight from Joy of Cooking, I found this recipe when I made Million Dollar Pie because I didn't feel like crushing graham crackers. It's simple and to die for and requires zero baking. My personal preference is pecans, but you may use walnuts or what the heck--try any nut out for size.

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  1. Chop walnuts or pecans (I did mine in the blender).
  2. Melt butter and mix with the nuts in a pie plate.
  3. Add sugar and salt and pat into bottom of pie pan.
  4. Oila! Cooking is done, and you're ready to fill your crust.
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Made this with walnuts and came out perfect! I much prefer this kind of crust on a cheesecake. I also used the advise of the first reviewer. Thanks for posting a simple but yummy recipe!

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Hi AmyZoe, I have made this nut crust several times and it always comes out perfect! I used it for a couple of cheesecakes and after cooling for a day they slip off the spring form pan with the greatest of ease! The crust has a delicate flavour and a nutty crisp texture I always use pecans for cheeseckes and I make the pecans about a medium coarse with about 1/4 of the pecans finely chopped. My DH always helps me with my cheesecakes he showed me a tip instead of melting the butter use it in it's solid state "must" be room temperature. I found the crust to have a even consistency that takes the cheesecake off the spring form disk faster than lighting! I took the pictures showing how well the crust held up as I sliced the cheesecake. This is Simply Delicious New York Style Cheesecake # 152996. Will use this nut crust recipe again and again thanks for posting!