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Very, very tasty. I used walnuts, jasmine rice and miso. Although I served this on buns, I'd like to serve them as they are, with my side dishes (salad or whatever). They didn't stay together at all while cooking and so was a mash when I placed some on the buns. (But! the great flavour more than made up for that. I always say the best burgers are the ones that have everything running or falling out of them!) I also found they browned quickly to the point of burning before I realized it. I spread chutney on the buns-good suggestion. Why 4 stars? - only until I figure out how to get them to stick together. Other than that, a very satisfying, flavourful result. Thank you!

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woodland hues January 24, 2010

We used raw walnuts, oats, and ketchup. They stayed together! I've never been able to make patties stay together before! These are in desperate need of salt though. Maybe tossing a red bell pepper in the batter would add some flavor. They seemed to burn quickly (but that may have just been my cooking abilities :D)

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Herb-Cat November 16, 2008
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