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o.m.g. Singularly the best cake I've ever made. Period. I'm eating some straight out of the oven and trying to figure out how I'm supposed to let this last long enough to age for 2-3 days. :) I could have given the batter itself 10 stars but I pulled myself back to at least wait for something to finish baking. The batter is like clouds and an incredible premonition of how good the cake is (yeah yeah yeah, raw eggs and all that, yadda yadda, I got it, LOL). I made the recipe itself to an exact T except that I don't have a springform pan with a tube inset so I improvised with a traditional round 9.5" springform pan. I greased it and put waxed paper on the bottom. It seemed there might be too much batter for the pan, it's a thick fluffy batter and I figured (rightly) that it would rise quite a bit, so I also filled a small, 5" springform pan. I baked both at 325 degrees, but only left the small one in the oven for 40 minutes. The large one is still baking and might go a smidge past the 1 hour 20 minute time because of my using a regular springform pan and honestly, I could have filled my other 5" mini springform and there would have been enough. The Beau's BDay is in 5 days, maybe I'll just hide the cake from myself for 3 days and give it to him for an early birthday cake!! Thanks coffeemom!! I can't picture using another cake recipe ever! TDF!!!

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bikerchick October 02, 2007
Nun's Cake