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this was the quickest pie i've ever made! it was a little too sweet, but a dollop of cool whip on top mellowed the flavor out perfectly!

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sugar fix March 18, 2009

This was really yummy and super easy to make. Even my hubby said "I loved the lemon key lime pie baby| =0) I really miss all the acessabilithy to ingredients that I took for granted in the states. Here in the England there is no such thing as grahm crackers or grahm cracker crust as I soon found out. I improvised and made my own crust with some cookies or should I say biscuits as the brits like to call them . Morrisons sells some thing called Honey Teddy Bears. Teddy Bear Biscuits with Honey. I also used Foxes ginger crinkles. I crushed and combined both of theses cookies and followed recipe http://www.recipezaar.com/116887 subistituing my crushed ginger biscuits and honey teady bears for the grahm crackers.

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Spyce August 15, 2008

This was really really good. I can't remember if I ever even wanted to try Key Lime pie in the past, just that my husband mentioned he liked it. So I tried this recipe and we both agree...delicious. I had to take out of freezer about 8 min too soon as I had to pick my hubby up from the airport and didnt want to come back to a frozen pie, and this worried me that it would make a big difference. I took it out of the freezer and left it out in my well insulated Texas home (in the summer). It looked fine when I returned and I tasted it. It was very rich. Almost too rich to enjoy. But then I put it in the fridge forgetting about it and came back and tasted it again. This time I guess all the flavor had leveled out and it was De-licious!!! If anyone tells me they like Key Lime pie, Jesus willing I am making this one. I also chose to use one drop of food coloring which to me gave it just enough green without looking artificial and one teaspoon of key lime zest. I couldn't find key lime juice, just lime juice, and everything tasted wonderful. Comparing key lime zest to lime zest/key lime juice to lime juice probably wouldn't make a difference in taste at all. That's just my opinion though I have only made this once. Oh and I added cool whip around the edges at first but then went back and covered the whole pie. :) Thanks for sharing! I made with basic graham cracker crust. The perfect blend!

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Student of JESUS July 16, 2008

I made this for dessert and we liked it very much. I'm a big fan of lemon pies so this was right up my alley. I will make this many times over as it was delicious. Thank you for posting.

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mommyoffour June 22, 2008

This was a fabulous recipe!! Very easy and oh so nummy. I put cool whip on top and I think it would be great with a merigue topping. I put the filling in 8 little graham cracker crusts instead and baked them for about 12 min. Everyone gobbled them up!!! Thanks Miss Diggy

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jenniferpcline April 22, 2008

Being a huge Key Lime pie fan, I had high hopes for this recipe - it's been years since I've been able to eat one. I made this as a company dessert, and although I thought it was pretty good, both my husband and my guests hated it. It was very easy to make - I made a gluten-free gingerbread cookie crust - and it looked very nice, but the flavor was just okay...and it was very sweet.

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Widget3 April 18, 2008

Hmm... I wasn't sure at first what to rate this. With all these great reviews I was expecting different... preparing this was a breeze, and I loved that. I wasn't quite sure when to take it out of the oven... but that's ok. I chilled it for 25 or so minutes, after letting cool for 10 or more on the counter. I put the pan on top of a cookie pan in the oven, and the bottom was completely greasy after baking! -?- The taste was good. Not more than good. I think the crust really made this pie... Plain Graham Cracker Crust. Although I will probably make this again... trying to fix these small issues. Thanks for the recipe!! =)

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Kelsey* January 26, 2008

I was a little disappointed with this recipe. I liked the fact that it set better than another recipe I tried that did not call for any oven time. Baking it helped it set so that it was not runny. However, it was not as sweet as the other recipe I used that was runny. I was thinking about adding more sweetened condensed milk to this recipe. Any thoughts?

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Newcook in New York December 29, 2007

My husband LOVED it! He is a big fan of key lime pie and this was a big hit. Will make again and again.

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jane49423 November 21, 2007

I love key lime pie and this is the first one I have ever made. It was sooooooo freakin' easy and OH sooooo GOOD!!! Thank you!! Hubby is a very happy man. :) Will be making lots of these. I had to use regular lime juice because I couldn't find any key lime juice and didn't have time to juice any and it still was MMMMMMM good. Big hit at the potluck at work today.

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brandywine1974 November 08, 2007
Nummy Easy Key Lime Pie