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I made these last night for Pick a Chef Fall 2006. I couldn't find any ground habanero pepper, so I added a bit of extra chipotle pepper and a packet of Goya Sazon Picante to make up for the missing habanero. I knew that DH would enjoy these (MAJOR chile-head), but I wasn't so sure about myself. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. These were actually not very spicy at all (of course, I'm sure that they would be if I had added the habanero powder to them). They were slightly sweet with a bit of a very complementary chile kick. The smokiness of the chipotle goes so well with the maple. DH's workers will be really happy on Monday when he shows up with a giant bag of spicy peanuts for them to snack on. I'll have to make these again sometime when I can fird the habanero chile powder. Thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess September 30, 2006

We loved these. We did a mixture of the nuts we had on hand -- peanuts, cashews and pumpkin seeds. They have a lovely sweet/spicy taste to them that keeps you going back for more! We used 3/4 cup maple syrup for just a little less than 2 lbs of nuts and we fried them up in a wok.

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Sackville March 13, 2005
Nuclear Nuts