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aka polenta ;) the recipe adjuster was weird... I moved it down to 2 servings & it said 2c cornmeal & 8c water but the directions say 2.5c water per cup of water. I went with the 2.5c water. I really didn't think all the cornmeal would be absorbed but I did as I was told (!) and added it little by little (which really is the only way to prevent a gloppy mess) and it DID absorb it all! I went a bit heavy on the salt so it wouldn't be too bland & served it under Sackville's Mwamba which worked really well. Even The Picky One enjoyed her dinner. She had some of this with butter for breakfast today. :) Thanks, A! Made for I've saved all these recipes & African Tag 3/12.

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Elmotoo March 14, 2012