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I used bone in thighs for this simple and yummy recipe tonight. It's so easy to throw together and whilst it cooked, I made a cous cous dish (with bell peppers, blanched snow peas, craisins, preserved lemon, spring onion and toasted sesame seeds) and a tomato/onion salad to go with it. Thanks Elaine for another good recipe.

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JustJanS July 05, 2003

This was exceptional and I will be making it again and again. It had such a nice flavor. I was worried that it might be too sweet, but it was not. Of course I used real maple syrup.

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reinecke53 February 26, 2010

Wonderfully different, I'll enjoy making this again and again, just as I relish each trip to Nova Scotia. The ingredients are always in stock in my pantry, so this is a delightful and easy variation for our "chicken, chicken, chicken" household. The maple syrup was not too sweet, the almonds helped to calm it down. Thanks for posting this recipe, Toolbelt Diva. Made on Lynne the Pirate Queen's recommendation for I Recommend tag.

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KateL January 31, 2009

Absolutely wonderful! The friends for whom I made this tend to have *very* hearty appetites, so even though there were only 5 of us I doubled the recipe, using about 4 pounds of skinless, boneless chicken breasts and doubling everything else. The only change to the ingredients that I had to make was using dried orange peel in place of the lemon rind, since I was out of fresh lemons. I whipped up the sauce about 3 hours before we were to have dinner, and marinated the chicken in the sauce (in the pan, covered, and put in the fridge) until it was ready to go into the oven. There were *no* leftovers. :) Everyone raved about it, even the people who don't usually care for almonds. I will most certainly make this again. Paired with Aromatic Parsnips and Carrots, it made for a terrific, satisfying dinner. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe!

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Lynne the Pirate Queen December 20, 2008

The lemon and maple syrup make for a tasty sauce, I doubled the mixture and served with steamed rice and stir fry vegetables.

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Evie* August 14, 2008

This was beautiful, I love maple syrup and I also love lemon, next time I will try using a bit more lemon as I couldn't taste it that much. I used chicken thighs and I only had slivered almonds so I crushed them up and they were fine. It also got the thumbs up from the boyfriend which made me smile because he doesn't like nuts in food & the slivered almonds looked like bits of fresh garlic and after he'd eaten every morsel asked me if the chunky bits were garlic & I said no it was crushed almonds and he was pleasantly surprised. Thanks Toolbelt for a great recipe, I never would have thought to combine maple & lemon together.

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Carolyn Jay March 29, 2007

This was so easy to make and the chicken came out so moist and with a really great flavor. I only used 2 chicken breasts and I had just enough sauce to pair with the mashed potatoes so if your using more I would also suggest to multiply the recipe accordingly. Great recipe, I will make this for guests when they come over (they will think I am amazing)! ... and I will make it for my family many times over. Thanks for posting!

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Trish Za Dish March 12, 2007

Thanks Toolie, this was delicious and took only minutes to put together. I was a bit afraid it would be too sweet for my taste but the flavors worked together very well and the maple syrup did not overpower it. I used the whole amount of sauce for two chicken breasts and if I were to use 2 1/2 lbs of chicken pieces I would certainly recommend to double the sauce. I reduced the cooking time because I used breasts and only 2 of them. Will make this again!!

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Pets'R'us September 23, 2006

Delicious!!!!!!!!!! I doubled the sauce. Will make this again for sure!!!! Served with wild rice... :)

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Che~Sara` April 27, 2006

July 31st,2005...the last day before going FULL-BLOWN on my diet. Wanted to celebrate, but nobody was around but my puppy. Pulled out three frozen chicken breasts and made this fantastic dinner...Kept puppy's chicken separate. Scaled this down for one; re-heated some leftover jasmine rice with mushrooms, and enjoyed my last non-diet dinner. Boy, I sure enjoyed the crunch of the almonds which I added to dish the last 15 minuts of cooking. After that dinner, I knew I was ready for August 1st and my new diet!

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Happy Harry #2 August 01, 2005
Nova Scotia Maple Chicken