Not so Sweet Passionfruit Curd for Passover

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by Panda Rose

I like to cut down on sugar these days and this combination still works for me. Its a great change from the ubiquitous lemon curd at Peasach. Great with added whipped cream on sponge cakes or meringues

Top Review by Mirj2338

The honest truth? The honest, HONEST truth? I thought this was utterly disgusting. But then, I think passionfruit is one of the most horrible things God put on this earth. The stuff looks like alien guts. Having said that, I did not make this recipe, nor did I eat any of it. Why would I eat alien guts? But Sushiman loves alien guts, erm, I mean passionfruit, and so do all of his kids. And this was a big hit with them. HUGE hit! This was served up for Passover lunch on the first day, glooped on some lemon sponge cake (which I will eat, with a passion, pun intended). Alien guts all gone now. Every last slimy spoonful. What can I say, it's a hit! There's not accounting for taste. I can't believe I married a man who eats alien guts, and he kisses me with that mouth! Shudder. Panda, this is a winner, thanks! ;-)


  1. Melt butter and sugar together in a pan.
  2. Add eggs and passionfriut and very gently heat until thickened stirring all the time.
  3. When thick enough for you - this may take up to 10 minutes - then pot into clean dry jars and store in the fridge ready for use.
  4. Note, this can be done in the microwave in very short bursts.
  5. Be careful you don't get scrambled eggs with passionfruit sauce!
  6. Not sure how much this gives as it is different each time due to the juiciness of the fruit.

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