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The honest truth? The honest, HONEST truth? I thought this was utterly disgusting. But then, I think passionfruit is one of the most horrible things God put on this earth. The stuff looks like alien guts. Having said that, I did not make this recipe, nor did I eat any of it. Why would I eat alien guts? But Sushiman loves alien guts, erm, I mean passionfruit, and so do all of his kids. And this was a big hit with them. HUGE hit! This was served up for Passover lunch on the first day, glooped on some lemon sponge cake (which I will eat, with a passion, pun intended). Alien guts all gone now. Every last slimy spoonful. What can I say, it's a hit! There's not accounting for taste. I can't believe I married a man who eats alien guts, and he kisses me with that mouth! Shudder. Panda, this is a winner, thanks! ;-)

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Mirj April 16, 2006
Not so Sweet Passionfruit Curd for Passover