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After a little research on Diabetic Gourmet, I found the original recipe and it notes that there are 24 servings per 8 x 8 pan. The brownies are good, but not our favorite. The flavor just isn't as full as brownies made with real chocolate. That said, they aren't bad... the texture is nice, almost cakey, but a little dry; they are a satisfyingly rich coffee color; and the frosting glaze adds that little extra something that these guys need to make such small servings appealing. If you're not concerned about the diabetic exchange, my recommendation is to cut these normally to get about 16 brownies per pan and enjoy them with a piping hot cup of coffee or a tall glass of ice cold milk. If you are concerned about the diabetic exchange, try using Splenda as a substitute for sugar. I've had great success using Splenda in baking and both the diabetics and non diabetics in our family agree that it tastes just like sugar. I will be making my next batch of these brownies with Splenda and will sub unsweetened applesauce for the oil to cut down on the fat(I cook for people with diabetes and heart disease).

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rsarahl March 01, 2003
Not SO Guilty Brownies