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Easy to make and makes a LOT of food. I followed the recipe pretty exactly except that the crushed tomatoes I used seemed a bit more "diced" and less smushed, and I added some mozzarella cheese. Very tasty but it seemed to be missing a little something. Maybe next time I'll add more red pepper flakes and more worcestershire sauce. I wasn't blown away by the wine I used either, will try a different kind next time. I love Rachael Ray - Yumm-O! ;)

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Dr. Carrie January 26, 2008

I love lasagna but not all the work that goes into making one...especially on a weeknight. This is the perfect solution. A free form lasagna of sorts... I also used campanelle pasta ( since that is what I had in the pantry) lean ground beef (90/10) about 10 garlic cloves (!!!!!) and almost a full tsp of red pepper flakes to really give it some spice. We don't drink red wine and I didn't want to buy a bottle just for this recipe, so I just substituted more of the beef stock ( homemade, of course). Topped it off with lots of freshly grated parmigiano and fresh torn basil from my garden. Served it with a simple green salad and Beauty Parlor garlic bread (recipe # #131648) Yummy and quick weeknight meal. Thanks!!!

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atlfitgirl July 23, 2007

I love this recipe. I have been making this since I saw it on TV. I use Italian sausage instead of the sirloin. And I like the Campanelle noodles instead bc they are pretty. (a noodle is a noodle) I don't use the wine usually, just add a little extra beef stock. and I add 1 1/2 C. Shredded Mozzarella, just bc that is what is normally in my lasagna. Overall a very good recipe! Very versatile, as are most of RR's recipes.

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MPCook July 02, 2007

This was great! I have to say, I was a little scared before I tried it, cuz it didn't look like anything special, but the taste more than made up for it! You said to leave comments, Smilyn, if we changed anything, so here goes: instead of beef, I used spicy italian turkey sausage, chicken stock in place of beef stock, some carrots and arugula that I had to use up, and I used fat free ricotta cheese. It was delicious! This is a versatile dish, too, so I will definitely be trying this again with other meats, or maybe no meat at all! Thanks!

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bricookie55 March 06, 2007
Not-Sagna Pasta Toss