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Absolutely fabulous and going into my best-of-the-best file. It's so easy and I just love the little crispy potato patties. I had to cook my potatoes a bit longer to get them tender enough to mash. Also, I think I'll peel my potatoes next time. I ended up picking out most of the skins as I was mashing. I lovedddd the shallot and garlic flavors. Yummy. Thanks!

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LifeIsGood February 09, 2014

Wow, were these good. No wonder you enjoy them often. The picky dh was over the moon. He was so happy with these little treasures, that he requested that we make these often. The shallots are a wonderful addition adding necessary moisture and a delicious flavor. The smash browns are crisp, tender, fragile and very flavorful. These were quick and easy to make and we will be enjoying them often. I liked them too. Made for Spring Pac 2014.

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Baby Kato April 23, 2014

Quick and delicious! I loved the combination of the crispy outside and the soft, fluffy inside as well as the mild flavor form the garlic and shallots. Thanks for the recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview April 19, 2014

I had several points when making this recipe where I had my doubts, but man were they ever unfounded. My 3 potatoes weighed 1 lb 4 oz and I used 3 shallots because I was concerned about the amount. I was raised by a Southern Mom and know about potato cakes, so when I mashed the potatoes I was thinking how are these ever going to stay together without any liquid? Once mixed with the shallots there was plenty of moisture. When I flipped them after the first 5 minutes of cooking they were a bit messy and not very brown so I upped the heat a bit. When I flipped them after the next five minutes, they were perfect, so I cooked them a few more minutes on the first side. These were spectacular! Thanks for sharing. Made for Best of 2013 tag. Oh and yes they are going directly into my Best of 2014 cookbook.

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GibbyLou March 02, 2014

Totally delicious......loved the shallot and especially the garlic....yummy!<br/>Mine broke up when I tried to turn them, but I ended up with even more scrummy crispy bits...which was even better!!<br/>The entire family loved and devoured this...so this is a real keeper!<br/>Made with pleasure for Rookie Tag.

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Noo October 16, 2013

Definitely not just for breakfast! I served these with balsamic sauteed tomatoes and Key West fish fillets. Fabulous! I cut it down to two yukon gold potatoes, used a very large shallot, and 2 cloves of garlic. I got 3 nicely sized "smashbrown" patties. Perfect ratio of potato/garlic/and onion! Thanks for sharing! Made for Photo Tag game.

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breezermom September 29, 2013

Made as written using very small red potatoes bought from a local source. The shallots were perfect in this and made the potatoes not so "onion-y" flavored. Good quality Oregon-made butter and a perfect side to our fluffy scrambled eggs. Made for Veg Tag/September.

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COOKGIRl September 14, 2013
Not Just for Breakfast Smashbrowns