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We didn't have "Nostimini", so we prepared following mix (suggest in http://www.food.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=267946&sid=fe012fe2cc4d6dadd2c9d04a4da13723, gives about 3 portions): <br/>1 Tbs. dried oregano <br/>1 Tbs. dried rosemary <br/>1 Tbs. dried dill <br/>1 Tbs. dried mint <br/>2 Tbs. fine salt <br/>2 tsp. pepper <br/>2 tsp. ground garlic <br/>2 tsp. lemon zest (I used fresh one)<br/>2 bay leaves<br/>We marinated it from morning to grilled it in the evening.<br/>The meat was really delicious and for us the marinating time was perfect.<br/>We are used to meat lamb with lemon. I liked the sherry very much, perhaps I would add more next time.<br/>We combined this dish with yogurt sauce and bread from the wooden oven. A real great meal. Thank lot for posting this recipe.

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awalde June 03, 2013

Russ and I enjoyed these thanks Peter. I managed to marinate my shoulder chops about 3 hours which was more than enough for our tastes. I reckon a bit of lemon juice in the marinade would be a good addition.

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JustJanS June 03, 2009
Nostimini Lamb Chops