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Absolutely divine and JUST my cup of tea! LOVED these, I made them yesterday and served some to the B and B guests with a afternoon pot of tea, they loved them. Used EVERY single spice for a WONDERFUL depth of flavour. The only thing I forgot to do was glaze the tops with egg white, as I had too much going on in the kitchen! Made for the Cheese and Whine Gang for ZWT6, merci encore Reets! Karen :-)

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French Tart June 07, 2010

All the spices make these some very tasty cookies! I used cookie molds for most of the dough and then just rolled the rest. The dough is much easier to work with when chilled, but then I am a novice when it comes to cut out cookies and this was my first time using molds. I knew when I made the dough and had a little taste that these would be good!

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Kim127 December 21, 2003

I needed to make a treat for my colleagues at work and chose this recipe. Given the other great reviews I regret giving this only 4 stars. Being a relatively inexperienced baker, I knew I might have some problems. The dough seemed fine (I had a small taste too and I thought it would turn out great), and like Mianbao I rolled it into one big log, chilled and sliced it. I ended up with only 40 cookies so I thought I may have sliced them too thick. I don't think that was the case though, because at 10 minutes I opened the oven and some of the cookies started showing signs of burning (I was experienced enough to know you usually have to watch cookies very carefully, and I had been monitoring them periodically). Well, I removed them from the oven right away and took the unburnt ones to work, letting my coworkers be the judge. I got compliments, but I didn't think they were all that enthusiastic. Next time I will bring something chocolate as that is sure to please. Sorry Rita. P.S. BF liked them, but I felt he was less than enthusiastic too. I generally like spice cookies myself.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend September 15, 2005

These cookies are wonderful and the spices just add to the enjoyment of eating them. My daughter had to find a recipe for her project on Norway and she choose this. I must say it was a great choice. She had to make them then take them to school and let her class sample them. It was a success! These norwegian spice cookies are easy to make. We will be making them again and again. The cardamom is expensive but well worth it. This is a child friendly recipe also.

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stapen2003 May 17, 2005

This recipe made spicy crisp cookies that I think would be wonderful in ice cream sandwiches. The spice combination is just right. Not having cookie molds, I just formed the dough into a log and chilled, sliced and baked it. I am sure the cookies would be beautiful made with molds, but they are still delicious my way. Thank you very much for posting this recipe.

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mianbao May 07, 2004
Norwegian Spice Cookies