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I was raised in a Norwegian family and this recipe is pretty good, except we add Cardamom for an added authentic flavoring.

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hjbrecht August 12, 2002

These came out perfect, my husband made them because he's the big crepe maker around here. He used butter, not the spray. We used different kinds of gourmet jellies that we use just for crepes. Great recipe. The directions were outstanding too! This one is printed and in the cookbook.

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Kiss*My*Tiara December 19, 2002

I have been making these for many years and we love them with butter and maple syrup. I add about a teaspoon of vanilla and have used soy or rice milk with excellent results(I sometimes add a splash of cream; maybe more than a splash!) I store leftovers in the fridge and just reheat in the microwave. I have also made the batter ahead and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

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nadia murray April 05, 2004

Had these pancakes for lunch today (I quartered the recipe to make it just for me, got 5 pancakes) and thought they were outstanding; fabulous taste. I am one-quarter Norwegian and while I don't remember my Canadian grandmother making these for my Norwegian grandfather (but she did make regular pancakes a lot, a favourite with him), I do remember enjoying something very similar when we drove from Vancouver down to Tacoma WA to visit his relatives. I had some with bitter orange marmalade, and some just how my grandfather would have had them, sprinkled with brown sugar. Yum! The batter was VERY easy to work with--easier than the last crepe batter I fussed with--and I will use this recipe the next time I'm making dessert crepes. I also appreciate that you don't have to let this batter sit, but can use it right off. Now, don't laugh (or grimace), but I found it easier to flip these by using my fingers; I just grabbed the edge, lifted, and flipped. I used the spray and had absolutely no sticking problems. Heather, thanks for posting this; it's a keeper for me.

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Lennie January 26, 2004

Very yummy! I love these, a local restraunt we used to have served these with sour cream and brown sugar mixed. sounds odd but it's absolutely delicious on these!

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PickleLover March 16, 2009

These were so good, i had to wait for an hour b4 i could go to the store and decided to bake these up. my apricot jam turned out furry so i enjoyed them just with icing sugar on top, and will make them with jam later tonight. Edited to add just got back from the store with cherry jam (apricot was sold out waaah) and they are even yummier!!!! oh and i halved the recipe,would be eas to 1/4 it too if you just want a snack for one

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MarraMamba August 18, 2007

I printed this recipe out yesterday morning before breakfast and we've now made it twice. The pancakes are wonderful...today we brushed on a little bit of melted butter and some blackberry jam. I had no sticking problems, but had to get a bit creative about the flipping part. I draped the edge over a wooden spoon and flipped the pancake over. As soon as it was flipped, I brushed with butter and the jam, rolled it up and popped it onto a plate to serve. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this, it's become a favorite.

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Akikobay November 19, 2006

These were excellent! They brought back so many memories of my childhood. I served them just like my Bestemor would have, with homemade strawberry jam and a light dusting of powdered sugar. My Bestemor used to sweeten sour cream with sugar and serve a dollop on the side. Thanks for the memories!!!

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The Kissing Cook April 04, 2006
Norwegian Pancakes