Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 4 mins

The recipe is perfect for Saturday morning, but the pancakes have to be served warm.


  1. Melt butter into a mixer than add ingredients in order as listed.
  2. It should become like a pancake constancy.
  3. Pour into a medium heated pan.
  4. Fill up whole pan with mix, then pour out extra mix back into the bowl.
  5. Flip over pancake when it becomes golden brown on the bottom.
  6. Serve hot and sprinkle with sugar or jelly.
  7. Roll up and eat!
Most Helpful

Wonderful and easy. I poured enough batter to make 1 5-inch pancake, used strawberry jam, ginger preserves and orange marmalade .. then rolled it up and sprinkled it with icing sugar ... strawberry was the best!! thanks for a great recipe!

najwa October 23, 2001

These are fabulous! They were really easy to make as well. I think I may have poured them too think, because I didn't get as many pancakes as the recipe says. I will definitely make them again. We stuffed ours with strawberries & nectarines and had maple syrup on top.

MO Chef Denver July 22, 2010

I grew up on panekaker (Norwegian pancakes). My father taught me how to put jam (strawberry is the best) in a thin strip down one side of the pancake, and then, starting with the side with the jam, you roll it. They are so-o-o-o good. Thanks for the memories!

Norskebaby November 08, 2009