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The REASON there are not amounts is beacause it is a "to taste" recipe and also depends on the AMOUNTS you prefer to use. If a recipe amount is pound per pound that means that you use equal amounts of each according to what you have. And the milk and butter and seasonings are to your taste and consistency mashed potato preference.

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Shawn C January 14, 2003

Recipe needed a little more detail, especialy on ingredient amounts.

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buzz January 11, 2003

All error here is on me with my try at this lol. I forgot to cut the roast and potatoes up :D boiled it on low (Great tip thanks for that Shawn!) with a red onion and red peels-on potatoes (as i prefer them that way.) The potatoes were not done :D while the meat was right on. Regardless!! haha I loved it! I will make it again...right I hope ;) Thanks much!

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April Guzman September 17, 2003

wonderful- used a 2lb roast and let slow simmer for about 1 hour and 45minutes then took it out and minced it up. Although the potatoes I used came out a little grainy once mashed together. Next time will have to make a larger batch to use the next morning with those eggs! HAd this along side some salad and brocolli and the recipe you posted for marinated tomatoes. Great thanks!

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Spyder-man September 15, 2003

A KEEPER! I did a 3 lb roast with un-seasoned 'papaya enzyme' meat tenderizer. At the end of step 5 I didn't return the meat to the pot. After cooling, I divided it into 1/3 lb portions in Ziploc bags, dividing the pot liquor among the bags. I sealed, labeled, and dated them. (always label and date things! neither you or your freezer will remember what it is 3-4 months from now!) I degress. To finish the dish, simply thaw as many portions as needed in a large pan as you pick up the count at step 6. I agree with April Guzman Red Potatoes and Red Onions go well with this dish, but then Yukon Golds and Walla Walla Sweets aren't too shabby either and simple Russets and Yellow Onions are still around because they're wonderful. Never mind what your Dad said. Play with your food. Thanx for posting this great recipe. Pierre

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Pierre Dance July 18, 2004
Norwegian Labscouse