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These were easy to make. I took pictures of the ones I left in for 10 minutes, as I'm sure most people like them this way. I left some in for 11 minutes because I like mine more done. The taste was very good. I didn't put any cinnamon in mine. I used a cookie press for the very first time for this recipe. I didn't have anything to put in them except for frozen blueberries, which worked out fine. Thanks for the recipe; I made this for "Cookbook Tag".

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WhatamIgonnaeatnext? October 10, 2013

I first saw this recipe in Gourmet magazine, 1993, and I was going to post it here, but here it is! I did add cinnamon, as we like it and it's good for you! Thanks for posting, Kitten.

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Scoutie May 18, 2010

These were so good I had to monitor them closely to make sure I had enough leftover for pictures. I love butter cookies & love using the cookie press. This recipe seemed like a perfect choice. I followed the recipe exactly, used the snowflake press plate & filled the centers with maraschino cherries. My son wanted to spell "Kittencal" with the cookies for a photo but there weren't enough. We did have enough to do the "K" though. Thanks for another great recipe, Kitt! UPDATE: Still love these cookies! And after making 4 different recipes in two days, these are by far the best tasting (non-chocolate) spritz cookies we've had. :) The texture holds up in the oven the best & their color is nice & light due to not having cinnamon in the recipe. I've been wanting to give you a better photo for years, so here it is! :)

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**Tinkerbell** March 25, 2010
Norwegian Butter Cookies