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This is very much like my family in Norway makes lapskous They thicken the broth with flour so that the dish is like a cross between a stew and hash. It is wonderful and favorite with all od=f us.

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lady-este_12051517 June 22, 2014

Lots of flavor and loved the addition of rutabaga (must be my Norwegian blood :) ). It didn't say how much water to use or if it was to be discarded after cooking the meat and onions. I thought it would be a shame to throw out that flavor, so I assumed it should be used in addition to the broth. But then my stew was very thin (don't know how one should "continue cooking until stew thickens" without making the potatoes mushy, since there is no thickener in the recipe. I think I will flour the meat and brown it first next time and then continue as written, then it would thicken a bit. I am going to use some flour-water misture to thicken the leftovers tomorrow. Made for ZWT 9.

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Outta Here September 07, 2013
Norwegian Beef Stew (Lapskaus)