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This tastes like angel food cake with apples. I sprinkled a little cinnamon/sugar on the top. 2 points a slice for us Weight Watchers. This is AWESOME!

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Clarymusic November 05, 2002

I'm not giving any stars becuase I do not want to affect the recipe's overall rating. I made this for Father's Day becuase my dad love apple pie, but I wanted to give him something healthier. I used a large granny smith. Here's the kicker: I used Splenda. The result: a super-flat, tough pancake. I still have half of it sitting in the fridge, but I'll most likely throw it out. As the other review states, it's like an angelfood cake where sugar is absolutely important in structure. I suggest using the sugar or even trying to sub half of it. But don't get rid of all of it or you'll end up with the super flat, tough pancake.

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nomnom June 27, 2003

This was not what I expected... It was easy to make and fat free, but the taste was far too sweet for me, and for everybody who tasted it, and the texture was very moist and bland, little bit like a pudding with a harder crust, with no taste on its own, so the sugar taste in this recipe was overwhelming and cancelled the taste of the apples (I used 2 little granny smith). The result has been little bit disappointing. If I make this again, I would use half of the sugar (or even less). Also: in the Nutrition Facts for this recipe, Zaar gives 116 calories for the whole pie, but the fact is that 3/4 cups of sugar is already 400 calories... This is still a very low calories pie, though, wich is positive :)

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teresaspindel March 31, 2004

I ate the whole piece of pie/cake. It was extremely easy to make. Just felt it was missing something. I sprinkled cinn sugar on top when I took it out of the oven, it was nice and cake like, like angel food as suggested earlier. I think it could have used more apples and perhaps some cinnamon mixed in with the apples. I just bought a ton of apples so will definately try this again but with the couple tweeks! Thanks for sharing!

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pooknnook September 27, 2010

darlene kosssman had this recipe also

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Dienia B. October 02, 2009

I've made this recipe for years and always use regular sugar. Once I tried it with Spenda; this is one of those things that doesn't take substitutes well. An important step in this recipe is to beat the egg whites, sugar, vanilla separately for at least 1 1/2 minutes. I mix the baking powder with the flour (don't know if this would make a difference or not). I also add 1/2 cup chopped walnuts and 1/2 tsp. cinammon. It turns out great every timr. I serve it warm with French vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

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Judikins September 24, 2006
Norwegian Apple Pie