North Croatian Fried Chicken Crepes

Total Time
1hr 20mins
Prep 30 mins
Cook 50 mins

This is time consuming meal to prepare it, but at the end it is worth it. You can eat it as a full lunch or even dinner. We usually serve this with Tartar sauce and lettuce. I am not going to submit crepes recipe – just make normal European crepes medium size. If you make more than you need you can freeze them (step just before frying).


  1. For the stuffing: sauté finely minced onion until translucent. Cut chicken meat to small pieces and sauté with onion until white and done. Cut pickled cucumbers into small pieces and add into chicken. Add salt, pepper, nutmeg and sauté for 2-5 minutes. Cool it and add sour cream (if you think stuffing is too liquid you can add some breadcrumbs in it, but be careful – not too much.
  2. Make crepes, approximately 6-8 pieces (2 eggs, 250 ml milk and some flour).
  3. Put stuffing on each crepe and fold it like cigar. Close the ends folding ends of cigar with finger (push into hole).
  4. Whisk eggs like you make omelet. Put each “cigar” crepe first into flour, than eggs, and than breadcrumbs (like for Wiener schnitzel).
  5. Fry them in deep oil until golden on each side. Serve with Tartar sauce and lettuce salad.