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These meatballs are incredible, and the couscous is almost just as good. The sauce is really simple, but so, so delicious. I wouldn't change a thing, and I'll be making this again and again

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rpgaymer February 10, 2014

Excellent meatballs and couscous! I'm going to tuck this recipe away into my best-of-the best file. The meatballs are so flavorful, yet no spice overpowers. The sauce that they simmer in is outstanding. I could eat that up as a soup! I used the larger pearled couscous so the meatballs would have something more substantial to rest upon. The couscous was yummy, too, with just the right amount of cinnamon. I just cooked up the whole box and kept the addition amounts the same. Yum! I cut the recipe in half and it fed two people easily, with a a little leftover. Note: I did end up doubling the tomato paste amount because I wanted my sauce on the thicker side. Made for the Soup-A-Stars during ZWT9

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LifeIsGood August 24, 2013

Excellent! I did not make the couscous. The meatballs were made using ground turkey. The hardest part is adding in all the spices. This was served over steamed brown rice and served with parmesan roasted tomatoes.

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PaulaG March 29, 2014

This dish is super flavorful, almost a little too much going on but we found the more we ate the more we liked it so it kind of grows on you. I didn't make meatballs but left the meat loose. The sauce was very juicy not at all like the one pictured - 2 Tbls tomato paste to 3 cups of broth even cooked down doesn't get very thick. I added a little more paste and used beef broth instead of chicken and to give the sauce a little more body I added a little heavy cream at the end. This dish is one reflects what is one of the best parts of ZWT for me - trying dishes from other cultures that are out of your flavor/ingredient comfort zone and that you're so glad you pushed yourself to try : ) Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT 9 N Africa by one of Mike and the Appliance Killers

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momaphet August 24, 2013

WOW!!! Talk about one very flavorful meatball, lol!!! I made this recipe, scaled back to 1/4 of the recipe, so some of the spices were just a shake or eyeballed. I was serving this with a sweet/cinnamon rice and they really complemented each other! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Made for ZWT 9.

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diner524 August 18, 2013
North African Meatballs (Boulettes)