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I have to agree with Jen and Mikekey. I started with fresh made espresso and it still got lost in the taste of the apple and strong orange. That said, it did improve as I slowly sipped on this kick back Sunday morning. The spice is lovely and don't be shy with the cinnamon. I really think that the very best way to enjoy this would be to make it well before you want to serve it and then reheat or enjoy it over ice.

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Annacia July 22, 2012

I have had coffe like this is Normandy, so I knew what to expect! I like coffee served this way, spicy and yet with the strong taste of apples too. I thought about using apple juice for about a nano second, and then reached for the calvados, well, you know me Darlink! I made this for 2 people, and we slurped it down with gay abandon! I can see why this may be an unusual taste for some, but for me the coffee and calvados is a great combination, and the spices are subtle and add that special touch. Merci encore Twizzle, made for PAC Spring 2010 and a great boozy coffee! FT:-) NB: I did not use the oranges, but added a few slices of apple to the coffee to brew.

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French Tart April 12, 2010

I didn't care for the first couple of sips, but it grew on me. It is more like a wassail, as Jen mentioned in her review. I wasn't sure about the oranges. 3 oranges seemed like too much, so I used 3 slices of a large orange, and it was plenty. The spices were just right. It was a warming drink on a cold day.

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Outta Here January 11, 2010

I rearranged the ratio of apple juice to coffee. My version had far less apple juice. I only added a shot of apple juice. I thought about making this iced but made hot. The flavor was interesting-I don't know it it were my favorite combination but I'm glad I tried it. (Sorry, I am not a fan of calvados, but I think it would be better suited to the recipe.) It was a fun experiment in the laboratory the other day! Made for the Beverage tag game.

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COOKGIRl May 04, 2015

After reading all the reviews twisted, I used a very strong espresso, a little Calvados, 3 thick slices of orange, ground my spices fresh and really enjoyed this lovely treat. This coffee drink had layers and layers of flavor and did not disappoint. Certainly not your standard coffee but a wonderful new experience. I did scale it back for 2 people and once again drank it all myself. I am a very happy camper. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Made for the Fearless Red Dragons - ZWT8 - France.

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Baby Kato July 23, 2012

Very interesting recipe because you'd never guess there's coffee in it. This tastes like wassail! This would be a great way to trick someone into sobering up while you're drinking wassail, not knowing there's coffee in this version. Despite just boiling the orange slices with the mixture and not using orange juice itself, the orange flavor is very strong, maybe because these were fresh oranges picked right from our backyard. If you're expecting a coffee flavor you will be disappointed (and you could substitute tea if you prefer) but this is a relaxing spicy drink.

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FLKeysJen March 06, 2008
Normandy Coffee