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OUCH.....cut the chiotle in half. Ok ...Ok...lol I am sensitive (read coward??) too hot. Love cactus though...Again a change...lol I have used it twice now. On fried TOFU...and on baked tempeh.... Can't get fresh cactus up here....whaaaa But dang is was good!!! Chicken next week..lol

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Plaisham July 30, 2009

The heat is just right on these if you like spicy food! I love the Mexican colors of this marinade after it blends!! We can get fresh nopales/cactus in the grocery store here in AZ but I used the kind in a jar because I figured that was what this recipe intended. Also drained the nopalitos before blending. I cut my adobo chiles up so they would blend better. I did not marinate and I did bake these rather than grill them at 450 degrees F for 35 minutes. The pickle-like taste of the nopalitos pairs well with the lime juice and the flavor is subtle in the cooked wing. Very good and cool thing to make for Cinco de Mayo!! Thanks for the recipe!

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Chef*Lee April 30, 2008
Nopalitos Wings