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This is a frequent Sunday breakfast in my house (with adaptations,of course) LOL. I don't use the bacon (I have made it with the bacon, and it was good, but why bother if we enjoy it equally well without?). Butter Pam or vegetable oil works just as well as bacon grease when you don't care about the bacon flavor. Instead of the canned green chilies (which I don't always have on hand), I just dice two fresh jalapenos or serranos and saute them with the onions and garlic (DH likes the extra spiciness anyway). Fresh nopales are unheard of in New England, I think, so I just use the jarred kind (rinsed first, of course). I think the jarred ones add extra flavor anyway, since they're brined. I reduce the amount of cheese to half a cup, too. DH likes to have a couple chunks of queso blanco on the side, so he doesn't care if the eggs themselves are cheesy. Okay, I know it seems like a lot of alterations, but I've made this recipe as-is before, and didn't feel that the end product was different enough to post separately (and I would rate it equally high as-is). One last suggestion (not an alteration, LOL): these are really good with sliced avocados tucked into the warm corn tortillas with the eggs. Thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess October 10, 2005
Nopalitos Con Huevos - Eggs and Cactus