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Um, I think this recipe needs some work. It looked pretty good at first, but there seem to be some things missing. First, the step to strain the sauce is missing. I can't imagine trying to eat the noodles while avoiding bits of ginger, garlic and onion. So I did strain it, but then, it looked like there might not be enough. You don't use such a lot of sauce on this kind of noodles, but, even for 2 servings, I think it is a close thing. I haven't experimented, but I think I'd prefer the sauce to have a stronger vinegar taste, too. The next big thing is that the recipe suggests that you eat the noodles with only cucumber (or carrot) and coriander leaves. If this is a light meal, which is how I would treat this kind of dish, then I'd like cucumber, ham, egg, tomato, pickled ginger, and maybe even a few slices of roast chicken, along with the coriander. And with hot Chinese mustard on the side. Sprinkling sesame seeds over the top is fine. Anyway, by not following the recipe (I did use recipe's sauce, strained), and adding quite a lot of things, I got a very nice lunch. Thank you for reminding me of this dish. It will be more in demand as the weather gets hotter.

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mianbao April 12, 2013
Noodles in Sesame Sauce