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Classic! This is a never-fails recipe. I like that this recipe isn't too heavy on the butter, so it isn't as greasy (and unhealthy) as some recipes. The onion is a must - don't skip it. Thanx for posting!

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*Parsley* January 12, 2015

I loved this and have also had a version of it made with homemade potato dumplings that my Polish aunt used to make for us.. When I made this before I did add some bacon so I added it again. Used packaged kluski noodles and did chop more cabbage, my fav. Didnt top with the sour cream but sure did enjoy my dinner. Thank you for sharing Phil! Made and reviewed for Pick A Chef - Spring 2014.

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lauralie41 May 13, 2014

I've been making this for years now. I add some sliced smoked sausage or kielbasi with the onions, quarter up a whole head of cabbadge and add some granulated chicken bouillon. excellent recipe

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mema2315 December 22, 2011

Made this following recipe,then near the end tasted and just added a splash of rice vinegar, and that for some reason mellowed it to a sweeter meld. The only way you could go wrong is by adding too many noodles, I thought the one pound of cooked noodles way too much. I think I like it more cabbage than noodles, so next time will add just enough to suit the way I like it, this time I just tossed in all the cooked noodles. Also the buttery cabbage is so nice and moist it keeps the noodles moist in the mouth with cabbage juices instead of swimming in butter. Will make this again for sure. Oh I did add caraway too. Ate without sour cream as I didn't have it but next time will add it as I can see where is going to work well, overall this reminds me of perogie only with more flavour.

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andypandy May 16, 2009

This was a pretty good, quick and easy meal. We made it for one of our weekly "veggie nights". I used spaghetti instead of wide noodles since that is what I had on hand. I added parmesan cheese to the top of my kids plates to get them to eat it better. My daughter loved it, my son did not. I thought it was wonderful. My husband always takes leftovers the next night to work since he works 2nd shift and doesn't eat dinner with us. He ended up forgetting to grad dinner on the way out the door the other night after a hectic day and never did get to try it yet. We did not have the sour cream on hand so maybe next time we will give that a whirl.

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DbKnadler February 01, 2009

We thoroughly enjoyed this dish, though I did make a few changes as a result of other reviewers' suggestions and also because I was influenced by my recipe for Hungarian Noodles and Cabbage. I loved Mishkapett's use of bacon grease: that meant having 3 rashers of chopped bacon to add (added in step five). Cooking the onions and cabbage as Mishkapett suggested for several hours over a low heat made the cabbage and onions just SO wonderfully flavoursome. Towards the end of the cooking time, I added 4 cloves of finely minced garlic and a sprinkling of brown sugar. Instead of sour cream, I added a couple of generous dollops of creamy Greek yoghurt. We ate half of these noodles the night I made them, and the rest two nights later. Mishkapett is absolutely right: this is one of those recipes that is even better a day or two after it's been cooked. If you are using Greek yoghurt (or probably any yoghurt) instead of the sour cream, it's best to add it only the amount to be eaten at the time, as left for a day or two, it tends to separate in a way that sour cream doesn't. Though it could be drained easily! Next time I make this, I'm going to double the recipe and add some leeks. If you've not tried onions, leeks and garlic together, try them! It's also good to know that there is a super quick version of the recipe for those many, many times when speed is the essence!

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bluemoon downunder November 18, 2008

This is true comfort food!!!!

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SweetSueAl August 29, 2008

This was great; even moreso than I had expected. I used far more cabbage (to use the whole head) and cooked it longer, and also added 5 cloves of garlic, along with the S+P and some nutmeg. I used olive oil in place of butter. Following some other reviewers' musings, I added some prosciutto, which was nice, and topped each serving with 'shards' of parmesan cheese. Yes, these additions were beyond the 'basic' beginnings of the recipe, but would have been wasted on anything that wasn't so good to start with.

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Meredith C-ville December 17, 2007

"i haven't tried this recipe but it sounds spot on... my grandma would make this for me every time i was feeling blue while i was growing up.... she's still kicking at 95 today and would love to see old homeworld recipes reinvented for a new generations..... good job

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troublejul November 28, 2007

This came out very good. I added some roasted garlic and some Old Bay seasoning along with the salt and pepper. I could see how frying a couple pieces of bacon or sausage along with it would be good too. Thanks!!

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brian48195 November 26, 2007
Noodles and Cabbage