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Would it be wrong to drink the vinaigrette? That is how good it is. The flavor combinations are amazing. I made the recipe as written and it turned out perfectly. Thanks for a great receipe. No leftovers....raves from family.

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AngelicFantasia December 23, 2002

i love this! 5 stars aren't enough in my book. the combination of the flavors was excellant. initially this recipe looks like a lot of ingredients and some prep., but it was really easy. this is a definate keeper, i love pasta, peanut butter, and cilantro....if you do too you can't go wrong with this recipe.

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bratty August 28, 2002

Yum! This actually would have gotten 5 stars, but we had difficulty with figuring out how much dry pasta equals 1 lb cooked, so we ended up with way too many noodles for the sauce. It would be hugely helpful to have the quantity of noodles be either dry weight or cooked volume. However, even though it was a little underdressed, it was still VERY tasty! My only concern is that the peanuts (from the garnish) will be soggy in the leftovers tomorrow. I think in future we'll only garnish individual servings to avoid that. Thanks for posting, Tracy K!

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Halcyon Eve January 10, 2008

This went over really well with my little family. I've always loved cold peanut noodle salad but anytime I mentioned preparing it for dinner I got blank, 'deer in the headlights', stares from my husband and daughter. Well, today they P'd me off and so I made dinner for ME and they could eat it or go hungry! They LOVED it! And I'm so happy now that I can make this whenever I have the craving and they'll eat it (not that I care if they don't). I made this as written, using angel hair pasta. I wouldn't change a thing, except to maybe add some more vegetables, like snow peas. Tonight, I served this salad with grilled rockfish fillets. Thanks Tracy, this is a keeper!

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Hey Jude July 15, 2007

This was a very good pasta salad, we added matchstick carrots, increased to three serrano peppers and added some red pepper. Myabe it was because we used rice noodles but this dish was MUCH better after a night in the fridge. Next time around I will make it one day ahead of time and double the peanut butter(love that taste!). Thanks for a great recipe, guests loved it but it was amazing at lunch the next day.

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Bivit March 25, 2003

With the exception of not having a serrano chili (used some dried chili flakes for heat), I made this recipe as posted, but added cubed cooked chicken to make a meal, and liked it very much. Next time I may try reducing the oil, and adding some reserved pasta water if it needs more moisture...not that it wasn't great as is, I am just wondering if the fat content/calories could be reduced without messing final product.

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Sweet Baboo June 21, 2009

I thought this was excellent. I added shredded carrots and about 6 oz of diced, baked tofu (the latter, sliced, tossed with soy sauce, rice vinegar and a little canola oil, and baked at 350, about 20 minutes on each side). I also used only about 1/3 cup oil in the dressing and thought it was quite sufficient. With the tofu and other veggies, the dressing is sufficient for about 1/2-3/4 lb (dry) pasta. Delicious vegetarian entree!

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Vanessa21 July 28, 2008

I've made this twice now and to rave reviews. It really helps to let the dressing sit for 30 minutes. When you taste it at first, it tastes kind of funny, but after 30 minutes -- it's delish!! I used Angel Hair pasta. I tried it first with Spaghettini and the noodles were too thick. I also added cucumber, and Italian Parsley. I didn't use the Cilantro the 2nd time, because I found it gave the dressing a bit of a bitter taste, but that's me.

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Syma Uram April 30, 2007

this was a delicious refreshing dish. i used soba noodles and whipped up the sauce in a blender.i had several key limes which i juiced, and served it with slices of lime as a garnish. very tasty

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chia March 09, 2003
Noodle Salad with Peanut-Lime Vinaigrette