Nonfat Caramel Candy

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

A simple, nonfat sweet recipe! Great for kids 8)


  1. Melt brown sugar, until caramelized.
  2. Slowy add in water and continue cooking.
  3. Stir constantly. You don't want it to stick!
  4. Stir, cooking until the soft ball stage, or 240°F.
  5. Next, slowly pour brown sugar mix into stifly beaten egg white.
  6. Beat continuously.
  7. Add in vanilla extract, beating until mix is thick enough to drop.
  8. When ready, drop with small spoonfuls onto wax paper.
  9. Let cool well before eating!


Most Helpful

I appreciate the help EdsWife4Life, but I think there needs to be a lot more detail in this recipe. I also made 2 attempts like KC and still managed to have the same results. Would love to figure out exactly what I'm doing wrong here so I can get the satisfactory results!

dommyval February 26, 2013

I hate that people give a FABULOUS recipe a failing rating because they fail to properly prepare it. This was a WONDERFUL recipe that I made at 3am (woke up craving sugar and decided not to eat brown sugar alone :)

The sugar must be melted SLOWLY, and the egg whites must be at a STIFF peak before the caramel mixture is beaten in.

Fabulous taste, although I must admit that I ate most of it as I dropped it onto the wax paper, lol.

EdsWife4Life September 04, 2012

defiantly not for a beginner which i am not the brown sugar would not melt so i added half the water just to get it started and it was so watery that it didn't work i added another cup of sugar and it was like syrup added the egg and it didnt look right mixed it till my hand hurt still not what recipe said so i added 2 more egg whites and if i let it sit for more them a minute it started to separate then i put ice in a large bowl and put the smaller bowl with mixture in the ice and mix it till it was cold once cold it stopped separating then put it in the freeze after and hour had consistency of whipped ice cream and softened up right away tastes mostly like molasses all in all not a good recipe now all i have to do it figure out what to do with it

haybabyjess February 24, 2011

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