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Made these a few years ago and they smell SOO good! I've since lost the recipe but am glad to see it here. Made several for drawer inserts and used cinnamon and sugar oil to enhance the natural cinamon. Perfect for christmas gifts.

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stacylu November 26, 2002

I just love these. I needed only 1 Tbs more of applesauce. I baked them in the oven at 150 for 1 hour then shut off the oven and left them in all night. (that was since supper was still heating on that temp. Use the cinnamon just like you would flour while rolling. used a gingerbread man cookie cutter and a straw to cut holes in the head to hand. They curled up a bit so they look like a gingerbread man trying to give you a hug. Smell nice too and after being used as a name tag it can be an ornament. Thanks

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Tara November 25, 2002

Addendum: I made these again last night as an ocean mobile - hung from the ceiling ( my passion is the ocean / surfing ) for my DS. I free handed the fish, starfish, seashells, dolphins and seagulls, oven dryed them, used invisible thread of varying lengths so as not to break / crack as they swing in the air ( buy invisible thread in the notions dept.) I then lightly sprayed them with unscented hairspray and quickly sprinkled each one with various colours of glitter. I then bought a small plug in spotlight nightlight which points up onto the mobile highlighting it. My DH now wants me to make a " universe mobile " to teach him of the planets, moon and stars. My DH's passion is astromony, I'm starting to think that one may be for him too. I'm still the " Bestest Mommy "... Thanks to you !!!

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peachez January 05, 2003

I make some almost the same as these every year, never put the extra oil, will have to try it. To keep them from curling up, dry them on a wire rack and turn them severl times a day until dry. Thats how I do it.

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Iva Day November 29, 2002

We were really strapped financially for Christmas so I made a quadruple batch of these as well as some other ornaments to off-set the cost of Christmas gifts this year. Like others have mentioned, I used a straw for the hole to hang them. I did end up using half the cinnamon oil called for as I didn't realize I had so much cinnamon and could otherwise quadruple the recipe. I also only had to add about a tablespoon of applesauce for the dough to be of good rolling consistency. I used Christmas cookie cutters, gingerbread men and hearts. To decorate them, I mixed white glue (I used Elmers) 50% glue and 50% water, then took paint brushes and brushed it on and sprinkled with glitter or dotted with the glue and put on sparkly sequins. I dried them in my dehydrator (it has a fan which improves air circulation) and they didn't curl up at all. When they were about half way dry, I flipped each of them over. They were dry the next morning. We usually go back to bed for naps on Christmas morning after opening gifts, but this year the whole family was at the dining table decorating these and we all thought it was the best Christmas morning ever! Thank you for sharing a recipe with me that helped to contribute to a really special Christmas this year Annelies!!!

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Cindy Lynn January 24, 2003

Thank you Anneleise, this was my zaartag recipe and they are wonderful. If you can make cutout cookies you can make these! I used cinnamon oil, and made hearts and stars, used a straw to punch a hole and tied them with red and white checked bows to my kitchen tree. Really cute and smells great too!

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LAURIE November 27, 2002

I made these with my son a long time ago and forgot to review them. This is a great project to do with kids. It's important to make sure that the holes for the string are far enough away from the edge so that the outer part doesn't break off--I had trouble with a couple. They're fun and easy to make. They make the house smell good, and store very well. Great crafts recipe!

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Chocolatl July 14, 2011

I've been making these cookie ornaments every year for the past 10 years or so; I even had a few last that long! A few drops of oil on the back freshens them up. This a great dough, easy to work with, easy for the kids too. They really do make wonderful gifts; be it to teachers, neighbors, family members or postman …I gave them to the garbage collectors one year for x-mas and one of the gentlemen came back on his day off to ask my for recipe because his wife loved them and wanted make them too!

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Antifreesz September 12, 2007

i love these!!

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amyrice0 December 07, 2011

These worked wonderfully! I added a little more cinnamon and craft glue than called for, since my dough was quite wet and sticky when made as directed. I haven't had any problems with them crumbling, and they seem quite durable.

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Lumberjackie January 12, 2011
Non Food Cinnamon Ornaments