Non-Alcoholic Vanilla Extract

Total Time
720hrs 15mins
15 mins
720 hrs

Want to make vanilla extract but don't like using vodka or other types of alcohol? Well, here ya go. (Technically, glycerin "is" an alcohol, just not the kind people drink for fun. I'm glad I finally found such a recipe!)

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  1. Slit beans down the middle, and scrape down seeds.
  2. Place both in glycerin and warm water.
  3. Place in a dark jar (or a light jar in a dark place).
  4. Let sit for a month or so.
  5. Shake often.
  6. Strain. (optional).
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I'm so glad you posted this recipe! I had resigned myself to using vanilla essence in all the recipes that call for extract since I avoid alcohol for religious reasons...but your recipe is a lifesaver! I made a batch and let it sit for 45 days before straining it. My first test recipe was Fabulous Marble Pound Cake which I had made earlier using vanilla essence. It turned out so much better this time! I've bought more glycerin to make another batch today....Thanks a lot for posting, Ransomed by Fire!