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My Mom has been making these cookies for several years now. I had lost her recipe and it wasn't until I started making these that I realized that this is it! Thanks Inez. I won't lose it again. These taste great.

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Mysterygirl October 27, 2002

Tried this for my father-in-law for his Christmas gift. Absolutely moist and delicious. Thanks for submitting this recipe.

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NannaDoris December 25, 2003

The texture is more muffin-like than that of a cookie, but, nevertheless, great tasting and so healthy too!!! I was just shy 1 cup of dates so I threw in a few dried apricots, used golden raisins, and didn't bother peeling the apple (which I grated). After reading other reviews, I used whole wheat flour. I subbed strong coffee for the water, replaced the cinnamon with a generous tsp of 4-spice, and used blackstrap molasses for the sweetener. Scooped into mini muffin pans, so I had to bake them for 15 minutes, and they turned out wonderful! Thanks MizzNezz :)

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Geniale Genie November 25, 2009

Excellent cookie recipe. I chose these because of the list of ingredients and because they were not like other cookie recipes I have seen. I made a few subs on the recipe list in order to be able to use all organic ingredients and because my 4 yr old daughter helped make them and wanted her favorites in: organic dates, organic granny smith apple, organic raisins, organic apricot and organic papya. I also subbed the flour with white whole wheat flour and used black strap molasses as my liquid sweetener. I was not sure what to expect with these but wanted something healthy for my daughter and I. We were not disappointed at all. The texture was not as dense as I would have liked but that is only to prevent me from eating them all which i pretty much have done. I plan on using these for breakfast for myself and late nite snacking so I need them to fill me up on just one or two; but if that wasnt an issue the texture would be more than fine. The taste doesnt taste sugar free. They had a nice light natural sweetness to them. I love the nutrition facts on them and the ease of the recipe. My daugher even added a few carob chips to a few before we threw them in the oven. We will be making these on a regular rotation. Thanks so much for sharing!

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jennifer in new jersey December 17, 2007

Good cookie! for a no sugar, no butter cookie this was very good, and I enjoyed the guilt free eating. I did however add walnuts to my second batch and loved them just as much, maybe a little more? I also used table molasses for the liquid sweetener. Thanks!

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kelly in TO September 18, 2007

Definitely a wonderful cookie!! I call this type of cookie a little tasty cake...more like a soft sweet biscuit than a wafer crisp cookie...I did not expect results with no fat to be otherwise. This is my type of treat - perfect with my "tea-break" (which could be at any time of the day or night!!) I made mine with an oat bran and whole wheat flour blend & used one half of a Granny Smith Apple (which I was to lazy to peel...I never really peel apples; I like the skin) - I juiced the rest of the apple to use as the "liquid sweetener". My cookie dough seemed runny but I spooned it on to a parchment paper lined sheet and they came out De-Light-FULL!! Thank you MizzNezz for a lovely recipe!

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free-free June 17, 2007

The best sugarfree drop cookie that I have tried so far. I did make a few changes. I only had 1/2cup of dates so I used 1 cup of raisins. I cooked the fruit in 1/4cup lemon juice and 1/4cup water. I used 1/2 whole wheat flour added some nutmeg and cloves, used 2 egg whites only and cut the salt to 1/2 teaspoon. I don't use liquid sweetener, so I used 5 teaspoons brown sugar twin. A very nice moist cookie. Don't overbake though.

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ljpage January 14, 2006

Very nice for this type of recipe. I doubled the cinnamon and added some nutmeg after reading reviews, and also used honey as the sweetner, as I wasn't sure what 'liquid sweetner' was. I think DH will eat these. I really like them. Thanks for our first 'low sugar' cookie recipe!

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Kasha February 22, 2005

Yummy soft cookies. I did find them a bit bland and not particularly fruity tasting, but they're still pretty good. The fat content is so low, these will never bee crispy cookies, but they're nice as-is. I used honey as the liquid sweetener and subbed half of the water called for for apple cider. I think this is a nice basic recipe, but could use some kicking-up, with some more spices.

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Roosie October 17, 2004
No Sugar Fruit Cookies