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This deserves about 10 stars. My son is a big frozen coffee drink fan and he says it's better than any coffee shop concoction he's ever had. I couldnl't agree more. My husband is drinking the last of it now and we're heading to the store for more condensed milk. I swear I could live on this stuff. Beyond delicious. Thank you! UPDATE: For diabetics and dieters, or when you're in a hurry, I have found the following adaptations work really well. Substitute Gloria's recipe for sweetened condensed milk for the can of condensed milk. In the recipe for sweetened condensed milk, use Splenda instead of sugar. Just dump all the ingredients for the milk into the blender with the other ingredients. Also, in a hurry I have substituted 2T instant coffee and 2 c cold water for the brewed coffee. The taste is almost as good, and you eliminate the sugar calories.

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Bogey'sMom June 06, 2002

Bergy, you're my lifesaver this summer! This drink is absolutely my PERFECT fix... it has coffee, it's cold, and wonderfully light! Next time I'll use even stronger coffee than I used today... hic! :-)

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Anu June 02, 2002

Very good Bergy!!A special treat, we used the whipped cream, our excuse was that we were having it for dessert!! Did it as is and we will enjoy the rest tomorrow. (Without the whipped cream) Thanks for posting, it will be a real treat throughout the summer.

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Derf June 05, 2002

Bergy, this is very good -- and you certainly don't need to add extra sugar since the sweetened condensed milk is very sweet. In my opinion, there was a slight aftertaste from the condensed milk, but other than that I thought this was quite yummy and I plan to make it a lot this summer. So far I've made it twice, once cut in half (works great) and once as the recipe states. It's very easy to prepare and makes great use of "leftover" coffee, but just a wee word of caution: I gave this recipe to a friend who had it at my house, and she didn't realize the coffee should be cold (or at least at room temp). She used freshly brewed coffee and she said, while it was okay, it was a totally different drink (it would be with all that melted ice)! Thanks Bergy; I plan on making this with flavoured coffees too, to see which I like best!

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Lennie June 25, 2002

This is so good. I saw this recipe this morning-Lennie recomended it in a post. My DD#2 and her best friend are sitting behind me right now oohing and aawing and slurping what they deem "better than 7-11's". I must say it's excellent! Thank you so much for posting yet another great recipe! Di UPDATE: Shoot-I cant give this recipe another 5 stars-however-I turned this recipe-minus the ice-into popsicles today-totally awsome!

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Dib's July 15, 2002

Thanks Bergy for a delicious treat. I had it for our Canada Day celebration and it went down well in our 95 degree heat. I took the liberty of adding 1 oz. of Tia Maria to help celebrate Canada's Birthday-very much enjoyed. I taste tested it without the liquer first and it was excellent as well. Thanks again!

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Kate in Ontario July 03, 2002

OMG! I have a new obsession! I was running down the road for coffee shakes w/ a shot of chocolate twice a week. I have never been able to replicate a cold coffee drink that was worth the ice added to it! I add 1 Tbsp. vanilla or 2 Tbsp. chocolate syrup to give a vanilla or mocha flavor. (and use 2 Tbsp.decaf instant coffee + water) because I am watching my caffiene and don't have the patience to wait for coffee to cool...!) Love the thick creamy foam. It's a keeper and I'm emailing it to all my buds!

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princess buttercup July 17, 2002

I had left over sweetened condensed milk so I thought that I would try this as a special treat - and treat it was! This is sooo good....I'm thinking that a cool variation might be to add a bit of chocolate syrup for a mocha flavor - it'll be lots of fun to play with as well as making the original recipe.

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Mysterygirl February 05, 2004

Auntie Bergy, you are a life-giver, u know! I just had the fright of my life a few minutes back when I went into my kitchen and put my hand on my fridge to remove an empty container..something fell onto the floor with quite some sound. When I looked down, to my total horror, I saw it was a baby lizard! YIKES! I screamed and came a few steps back. I was feeling miserable for a few minutes. After about half an hour from the time this happened, I went and made this coffee and now I feel just great! With the adventure I just had with that reptile, you could use me for an advertisement of this beverage, you know! LOL :) I made 1 Nescafe mug of this for myself. I used 2 tsps. of Nescafe instant coffee in 1 cup of water with 2 tsps. of sugar. No milk at all. Ofcourse, then I followed the recipe as it was. I did make the coffee and then use. But I did read Auntie Lennie's review and I'm a little confused as to whether I have to use leftover coffee to make this? I used 6 ice cubes for my drink! Love it! Thank you!

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Charishma_Ramchandani July 23, 2003

Discovered this today (one of the first hot days of the season)and boy was this welcome! I cut out the (2%) milk as I like the coffee taste to be stronger, but otherwise a wonderful concoction for the summer. Ooo! And with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top... AWESOME!

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BothFex June 05, 2003
No Sugar Added Iced Coffee