No-Salt White Bread

Total Time
3hrs 5mins
5 mins
3 hrs

Very simple white bread recipe for breadmaker (if you're clever you can adapt for oven!) Whole wheat flour could be substituted. This is originally a medieval Tuscan recipe, created by peasants who couldn't afford the high taxes on salt. Perfect for those of us on low-sodium diets!

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  1. Combine water and sugar, dissolve sugar.
  2. Add yeast to sugar water.
  3. Put flour, yeast mixture and olive oil into breadmaker.
  4. Start the breadmaker, with a plain or French loaf setting on your machine.
  5. When ingredients are almost completely combined (about 5 minutes in), add egg white.
  6. Allow breadmaker to complete baking.
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This was a very nice bread, easy to make and a wonderful addition for anyone on a low sodium diet!

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Very nice result first time out. "Winged it" on converting to oven bake. Mixed ingredients by hand adding egg white last. Let rest 2 hrs covered, punched down, kneaded, then 40 minutes more. Into 375 oven for about 40-45 minutes, testing w/ toothpick. Product firm but not too dense, good grain. Next time I'll try it with some Spike non-salt seasoning added.

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This was a great, easy recipe! I followed the instructions and added the egg white about 2-3 minutes into the "plain bread" cycle on my machine.

When my bread machine went into it's first "rest" cycle (about 15 minutes in or so), I opened it up and used a spatula to scrape off the sides and add everything to the ball that was forming, and it came out great. This may be an issue with just my bread machine and not the recipe, but no harm in mentioning it.