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I've never done a pie crust like this and I was very pleased with the results. I made an apple pie today, the crust was SO easy and the pie turned out great. After mixing the dough and pressing it into the pie plate, I baked it for about 15 minutes at 300° before loading it with the rest of my pie ingredients. We like a streusel topping on our pie so this dough was perfect for my purpose. Thanks Evelyn, I'll be using this recipe for all my future fruit pies!

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Hey Jude October 12, 2003

Came out perfect! Loved it...

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stacy_sigmund October 26, 2010

Wow! So perfect! I love this recipe. You cannot fail when making this crust. It is a bit like a shortbread cookie but so delicious. I did not bake it as instructed but filled it with pumpkin pie filling and baked the pie according to that recipe. I covered the edges with foil the entire time and it came out beautifully! Thank you thank you thank you!

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Lil Monkey November 29, 2009

This is a terrific recipe! I was using this crust in a savory pie, so I left out the sugars and added salt instead. Worked perfectly! I will be making many more pies in the future thanks to this recipe. Thanks!

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OhSheila March 14, 2007

I used this crust to make an apple pie today. Given the fact that I was also baking bread at the time I did leave it in the fridge for more like an hour. When I took it out it was rock hard and stuck to the bowl. I allowed it to sit on the counter for a bit to soften, chipped it off the bowl and then crumbled it before pressing into the pie plate that I sprayed with baking spray first. It turned out great and was a nice change from a rolled crust. Next time I will try not to be multitasking it in the kitchen so I don't leave it too long :)

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Tiggrr April 20, 2014

i really love this one because im not good with rolling pie. i did not use confectioner's sugar since i dont have one but it turn out sweet enough for us. thanks for this one

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hubby_eats_anything April 01, 2010

Bravo! Something old and new! I always (already 30 years) did my pie dough "finger pressing" but was tortured by the thought that I am doing something wrong, or that the rolling pin dough is better than mine!!! Can you please, tell me is there a difference, and what it is? The "finger pressing" is much more "clean and fast" way to do pies and I love it! Just save my chef's pride by telling me that it is right to do it!

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kopublishing March 18, 2010

OMG!! I still cant believe that this is so good!! I thought for sure that it was going to be a hard rock when all was said and done but it turned out amazing! Not like traditional pastry more like shortbread crust but still very good! I didnt wait the 15 minutes after I mixed it all together. I immediately put it in the pie plate and pushed it just up the sides. Dont go to high up the pie plate or edges of the crust will burn. I then took the kids for a wagon ride while the crust sat in the fridge and then when I got home I filled it with Raspberry Cream Pie from this site. The ease of this recipe is amazing! Anyone can make this one for sure! Technically this is better for you than any shortening crust anyway! Butter is more expensive though! 17.5 grams of fat per serving which is very comparable to shortening based pies! Give it a try! Super easy and very fast to make!Thanks so much for sharing this great alternative to rolled dough!

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puddlesandponytails July 15, 2008

Ev, this recipe saved my butt on Thanksgiving! I needed to make an extra pumpkin pie in a hurry and just didn't have the counter space to start rolling pie crust. I used a 10" pie plate, but still seemed to end up with too much crust, which I made into extra high flutes around the edges. Other than that, this recipe was a dream. I don't think I'll use it ALL the time due to the fat content, but it came out just as good as my regular pie crust with a lot less effort. I may try scaling down the recipe a bit to cut the fat and have a thinner crust without extra. Thanks for posting...like I said, it saved me!;)

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Karen=^..^= November 23, 2007

Evelyn, this is a winner! I needed to make a pie in a hurry, and this was so fast to whip up and pat out! I used it as a base for my Streusel Cream Peach Pie (Streusel Cream Peach Pie) and it worked very well. After patting it out, I pressed a flat-bottomed measuring cup onto the dough to smooth it out. I used real butter for the dough, and the pastry was tender and flavorful. Thanks!

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truebrit February 17, 2007
No-Roll Pie Crust Dough