Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 13 mins

Asking for a Chuck Eye Steak is like acknowledging membership in a secret society. You are greeted with a knowing smile, a nod of the head, and then just maybe two will emerge from some quiet corner. There are only a couple in each animal, and although they have a taste and tenderness of the more popular rib eye, the cost is considerably less. Please... only tell your favorite buddy.

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  1. Cover both sides of the steak, first with the salt, followed by the pepper, and finally the olive oil.
  2. Cook on an outdoor grill, or a hot cast iron pan, for 5 minutes per side.
  3. Allow to rest for an additional 3 minutes on the plate. Enjoy.
Most Helpful

A friend told me about Chuck Eye Steaks, and now thats all I buy. I try to get a package around 1 pound or over. I put a little oil in a screaming hot cast iron skillet. Put in the steak and let it release itself, it knows when to be turned over, then I pop it in a hot oven for a few minutes. I like my steak med-rare. After it comes out of the oven I put a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder. LOVE IT!!!!Serve with a baked potato with sour cream and butter. YUM

Barbara W. January 15, 2012

Bought some chuckeye steak for buy one get one free thinking that I would probably need to marinate it overnight before grilling. Found this recipe and was pleasantly surprised that I could add a little seasoning and olive oil and grill it within minutes. Definitely worth the price, will use again.

marzelo April 24, 2013

I have to agree, they are very reasonably priced and have yet to be outdone by the more expensive cuts in my view. I fix mine this same way with the addition of garlic powder. Thanks for posting.

Country Cook in Oklahoma August 12, 2008