No Ice Cream Root Beer Floats

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

No ice cream? No problem! With these root beer floats, you can make them anytime!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 cup root beer (or other soda)
  • 14 cup milk


  1. Make sure that your ingredients are ice cold.
  2. Pour each ingredient in to a glass and stir.
  3. ENJOY!
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Great afternoon treat..

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WOW! I love this! It was refreshing and not as filling as a real ice cream float. Less calories too! Although my milk soda ratio was a bit off. Made as a Recipe Nap for Veg 'N Swap tag.

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I tried this with coca cola as I cant get root beer here in Germany and found it quite interesting. Ive never had anything like it and cant really compare it to regular float. Its kinda creamy and sweet and not bad, but somehow milk and coke wont become my favourite pair. Maybe its more of an acquired taste... All in all Im very happy I tried this and would even make it again as its refreshing and healthy (using sugar-free soda).
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your recipe with us, Veggie_Cook!
Made and reviewed for my chosen chef during Veggie Swap #36 July 2011.