No Fuss Brown Rice - Crock Pot

Total Time
2hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 2 hrs

Light and fluffy rice every time. I make up a batch and freeze the rest in small freezer bags. To re-heat, add about 1T of water and microwave until fully heated through (about 2 minutes for 1 cup)


  1. Coat slow cooker with vegetable oil spray. Add rice, butter and salt to prepared slow cooker then stir in boiling water. Cover and cook unil rice is tender, about 2 hours on high.
  2. Fluff rice with fork and season with salt and pepper to taste. Drape towel over the top of slow cooker, cover with lid and let sit for 5 minutes before serving.
  3. Note: After the rice is cooked, this dish does not hold well on warm setting.
Most Helpful

Followed recipe a written. It turned out very well.

Sage4488 July 09, 2014

This worked out well. I had to be out of the house for 3 hours, so I increased the water and it worked fine.

Bobbiann April 04, 2013