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I made this for a glaze on top of my profiteroles (cream puffs) - which I'll post shortly. I cut the recipe in half and used coffee. It was delish. I DID add another tsp of cornstarch to make it less runny so it would stay on the puffs. It's more like a really mean hot chocolate in the origional recipe. It you really want a sauce, double the cornstarch. But I guess thickness of sauces is a matter of opinion and taste ;)

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nomnom July 07, 2003

This is tasty and with another tsp of cornstarch than called for, made a great topping for Chocolate Eclairs. As written, I think it would be a good sauce for ice cream. I think previous reviewers may have been looking for something more like pudding. Even Hershey's chocolate sauce is not thick and sweet! I will using variations of this often, since I am diabetic. Thanks for posting!

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Outta Here May 09, 2009

I've made this a couple of times. By itself, it does have a strong cocoa taste (I used coffee) and it is thin. But, I used it for Swiss Miss Fat-Free Chocolate Fudge Pudding #123291 and it was Great. The pudding was sweet and this sauce off-set that perfectly. The other dessert that I've used it with were too sweet for me but this sauce off-set that.

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Andrea in NH April 14, 2007

7/12/04 - I agree with the other reviewer- I had to add another tsp of cornstarch to get from hot cocoa consistancy to sauce. I used half coffee and half water. This has too strong of a cocoa flavor for me- it tastes a little too much like eating straight cocoa powder, and I did add more sugar than called for to try and compensate for this. Maybe I will try adding some more vanilla or something. I just added a spoonful to my coffee to make a cafe mocha for myself, which worked pretty well (still a little bitter). I was hoping for sort of a Hershey's syrup substitute (since I know that is fat-free, too), but this falls a little short. The texture is kind of funny, kind of like pudding, but if I hadn't added that extra tsp cornstarch, it would just be liquid. I will try and tinker with this and make it more palatable, but I would not make this again. 7/28/04 - Sorry, but I decided that I really had to re-review this. I found that I could not save the flavors of this sauce, no matter what I added. But also upon refrigerating, it seperated- so there was liquid and a lump of cornstarchy solid stuff. I ended up just throwing it out. Sorry- I had really high hopes for this recipe, but it simply did not work out for me at all.

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Roosie July 28, 2004
No-Fat Chocolate Sauce