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This is my 'go to' recipe for rolled cookies. I make some very beautiful fondant covered and royal iced cookies as gifts and to sell with this recipe. The shapes are retained so well, especially important when using very intricate cookie cutters. I found this recipe almost 5 yrs ago on www.cakecentral.com . It is the one most of the cookie and cake decorators use. For spring and summer cookies, I like to use lemon extract and a tablespoons of lemon zest. I often add almond extract for Christmas holiday cookies. These are always a hit on the cookie platter. The flavor of these sugar cookies is the best of any other recipes I've tried as others tend to be bland.

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Phunny Pharmer April 20, 2011

made this with my grand daughter today and found the dough really dry. followed recipe to the exact. i have been baking for years and was really disappointed

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donnie chettleborough December 22, 2012

My favorite recipe for sugar cookies. It's tasty, it truly holds its shape, and it's incredibly easy. I've made the whole recipe and I've taken it down to a 1/3 of the recipe, and each time it's the same perfect cookie. The only time I've screwed it up is when I roll my cookies too thin and don't watch them properly. To prevent this I've started laying out chopsticks next to my dough when I roll it out and they act as a size guard. Perfect, uniformly-thick cookies every time, no matter which batch of dough they're rolled out from. I've added various flavorings with success every time. There really is nothing bad to say about this cookie recipe!

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nanicaroline May 24, 2013

This is my go to recipe also!! I do a TON of intricate decorated cookies and this recipe holds it shape really well. The only think I have done is decrease the baking soda to 2 tsp. Mine were puffing a little too much. As far as one reviewer saying they were dry.. The humidity in the air as well as your flour can cause this. I do from time to time have to adjust for this.... I usually add more vanilla if it is too dry (because I LOVE the flavor). Once you make it a few times, you can tell by touch while it is mixing if you will need more liquid. I have had times where the flour and air were extremely dry and I needed to add up to a couple tablespoons more liquid.... Just the nature of baking and humidity, and this recipe seems to really be affected by it... But it is a great recipe!!!! My favorite. Tastes wonderful, and works with a variety of different frosting and icings! As Phunny Pharmermentioned you can change the flavoring very successfully with this recipe! I've done vanilla, almond, lavender, lemon and an orange with great results!

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jssonstca April 28, 2013

These cookies held their shape well, compared to other recipes. I actually halved the recipe, but ended up having to add an egg and some milk as the dough was too crumbly to roll out. Tasted great!

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cookiegirlyyc February 13, 2013

My daughter hosted a Christmas cookie party at our house. I wanted the perfect sugar cookie recipe and this was IT! I rolled the dough out the day before the party and as suggested in the recipe, I rolled the dough between sheets of parchment paper. There was no mess at all! When the girls arived for cookie making all they had to do was cut and decorate, which is the funnest part of cookie making anyway! The dough kept its shape beautifully while baking. Each star kept its points and each angel kept her wings! Not only were they easy ti make and pretty to look at, they tasted buttery and sweet and delicious! These are the only sugar cookies I'll ever make again! Thanks for the recipe and the helpful hint! Heather

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Heather'sKitchen February 08, 2007

The dough tasted great, but seemed very dry. Seemed like there was way too much flour. I followed the recipe exactly.

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steph6982 March 27, 2015

This recipe is great. I needed cut out cookies without the stress and these did not disappoint. I actually left the first batch in the oven too long they became extremely brown but were still beautiful and delicious . I am keeping this in my collection! Thank you for sharing !!

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dottyjoy November 18, 2012

Love this recipe. Made these yesterday and grandkids and I had a great time. They also taste yummy. Thanks for the recipe. Have been making cookies for 40 years and these were the best. Will throw out all other recipes.

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GrannyDory December 15, 2011

This is the only sugar cookie recipe I use!

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dukeswalker December 12, 2009
No Fail Sugar Cookies