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My friend and I just baked these, we had spectacular results. We skipped the boiling step and simply mixed all of the ingredients together, and baked. It took a total of 30 minutes to bake, and the brownies came out fluffy and with splendid flavor. I really enjoyed this recipe.

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alainahenning13 July 05, 2016

I am not sure if I just didn't follow the recipe right, but these were so disgusting that I could hardly even stand to smell them.

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Liz R. January 04, 2016

I made these last night for a gathering. I had just enough time to make them in the 25 minutes stated. They didn't bake in 25 minutes. They didn't bake in an hour. I had to pick up something else to take. I finished baking them after, but they're really soft, so they don't even feel baked. Not my favorite brownie at all, but I'm a harah judge of brownies. They taste okay, but I'll probably just make sure I have eggs or some substitute like banana next time.

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Paige L. October 29, 2015

I just made these. They took much longer than 25 minutes for me. I knocked the heat up to 375 now. The paste was really thick and didn't thin. I ended up having to use less flour because the batter was extremely thick. I also added some soy milk because it wasn't thin enough. They're super sweet! I also added some chocolate chips. I don't know if it's because I used whole wheat white flour if that's why they're so thick. But if you don't have eggs; these are super sweet and good!

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mackenzieredden March 22, 2015

Just made this up, the one in my hand is still warm.<br/><br/>Lets start by stating a few things. I've never made a water flour paste as a substitute for eggs before, it very quickly reached the consistency of paste in my opinion, much faster than I was expecting. I don't know if I really did it right.<br/><br/>I ran out of brown sugar in between 3/4 and 7/8 of a cup. thankfully I had some molasses left over from a beer I brewed a long time ago and was able to make my own. I ended up tossing in a little extra because who doesn't like brown sugar (even thought the home made stuff made with the darker 'full flavor' molasses smelled pretty funky, it tasted alright).<br/><br/>I opted to substitute butter for the oil. following a suggestion on another site I figured 4.5 tablespoons of butter was about equivalent to the 1/2 cup on oil that was called for. I also browned the butter to bring out the flavor. another first for me.<br/><br/>The batter came out very thick, like a solid brick of chocolaty goodness. I ended up adding about 1/8 cup more oil (my butter substitution may have been off, or maybe to much liquid got cooked off). It helped a little but the batter was still very thick and only vaguely resembled the consistency of traditional brownie batter. I also tossed in what was left of a bag of chocolate chips.<br/><br/>in cooking the stuff I had to cook it about twice as long constantly checking it with a knife to see if it was done, worrying the whole time that some of it would be over cooked.<br/><br/>the end result: pretty good.<br/>is it as good as a good recipe for traditional brownies? no, not quite. It is really good though. The sample I had had the right consistency of a chewy edge and a gooey middle. it sweet and chocolaty. So I must say, pretty good.<br/><br/>Minor after taste that you don't get with traditional brownies but still really good.<br/><br/>if you want brownies and for whatever reason can't made the traditional ones with eggs then I highly recommend this recipe.

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St_Nougat July 12, 2014

I live in London, so I had to convert all the ingredients to grams, after I'd made the mixture, it seemed there was LOADS. Seriously, biggest cake/brownie mix ever! I used a square tin but the area was about the same so should be fine. Bit worried about the calories but they look and smell amazing! I added chocolate chips. <br/>I've just tried one tiny square and they are soooo rich and stuffy, I can't even eat them :( followed recipe exactly apart from the tin...ugh! Maybe it's just American recipes, I just can't stand these massive filling desserts...

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CatrianaBlue June 07, 2014

Made these on the long weekend - wasnt sure about the clag-glue style substitute for eggs as I wasnt looking for a specific egg-free recpie (I just didnt have any eggs!)
Was a bit worried as the batter was super heavy but the result was pretty good - very sticky/gooey in the middle and I kept it in the oven longer then the 25mins. I also added a heap of extras: mixed nuts, choc chips, couple of fantales and raspberries.
Next time if I added extras again I wouldnt add the salt and would love to try with added expresso.

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piasicle January 28, 2013

Great recipe. I substituted the sugar with all brown, water with brewed espresso, and doubled the vanilla and the result was a very rich decadent brownie. I folded in white chocolate chips and the result was amazing. Thanks for sharing

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LynnYoungRN December 12, 2012

Awesome!!! Very moist and gooey. I substituted brown rice flour since I am now gluten free. Brought these over to my friend's house and her fiance, who eats gluten and eggs, was begging for the recipe. I added milk chocolate chunks to the top, cooked in a 13x9 pan for 21 minutes. This will be my new go to brownie recipe.

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tapdanceteacher February 20, 2012

Agree with many of the preceding comments, great, easy recipe for when you are short some ingredients but have a chocolate fix and need brownies ASAP! I put in a half teaspoon of cinnamon for flavor and a teaspoon of espresso powder because I love the coffee /chocolate combination. I also added some m and m candies and white chocolate chips. Very fudgy and plenty of flavor, although not exactly up to a traditional brownie recipe taste (and texture).

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clairesgirl June 11, 2011
No Egg Brownies