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I won't give this any stars because I suspect that something must have gone wrong. I followed the recipe to the letter, but it turned out a mess of wet crumbles within a rock hard crust. Maybe I should have used some oil like the other chef did. This still is an attractive recipe because it's so simple, and as evidently it turned out for two persons, I'll give it another try. If it works then, I'll return and re-review and add stars, otherwise I'll leave the review as is.
Thanks anyway for a good gluten free idea!
Made for Healthy Choices ABC.

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Mia in Germany February 07, 2011

I had my doubts about this recipe when I saw it, but decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised! The flavor was excellent, the texture was good, and of course if was dense and somewhat heavy but not unusual at all for gf bread. I had to use aluminum foil over my bread pan as I don't have a covered loaf. I put it into a big ziploc when it was cool and it lasted for days really well. I did only one thing different from the recipe- I couldn't bear to add no fat to the recipe at all so I put in two tablespoons of canola oil. I loved the simplicity and ease of this recipe and will make again. Thanks for sharing!

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kacantu1 April 18, 2008
No Bull Rice Bread