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What a great find! I'm always hunting for delectible and not-too-sweet snack foods for my seven-year-old daughter. This was a winner! I used a dessertspoon of cornstarch as no kudzu was to be found here, and would double the amount of fruit next time. Delicious!! And so easy.

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Elise and family December 21, 2010

...been wanting to experiment w/ a couscous cake for a bit now after seeing a "contest" on a vegan blog a couple of years back...happy to find this here-and with nicer strawberries just coming on the scene in my area for the season; I tagged it for HC tag game :)- exiting to use kudzu for first time (fantastic stuff!!!)...ummm juiced my own apple and made a nut milk that I thickened w/ some chia...added a bit of stevia drops with the vanilla to sweeten the topping a bit more {{was like caramelishy :) -yum}} ... liked the recipe a lot and want to play with the idea more now that it has become comfortable...(introduce other fruits and flavors, try quinoa and millet ...& now really, really,really want to try amasake too...lol) A different, exciting and interesting recipe-thanks so much for sharing...:)

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free-free April 29, 2010
No-Bake Strawberry Couscous Cake