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Oh Kit these are so easy and oh so good!! Made these for my dbf and we loved them! As my dbf does not love sweets (as I do!), I didn't add any brown sugar at all and they turned out perfect!! All I added was some dark raisins and next time will add some dried cranberries! Thanks Kit! :)

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Redsie November 08, 2009

Simply perfect! My kids went nuts over these. I did use pruns and dried apricots instead of raisins. So delicious! Thank you so much!

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Sarah Smile September 15, 2011

Made as is and they were WAY TOO GOOD. I couldn't keep them around long enough! My kids devoured half the pan before I was able to wrap up the last half for the next day. lol Definitely a keeper.

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Denise Nachtigal June 29, 2011

Absolutely wonderful! I did tweak it just a little (diet specific). I omitted the brown sugar, and added 1 tablespoon of flax seed meal. I also used carob chips instead of chocolate. Healthy, and very, very yummy! These will be a staple around my house! :-)

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*Sweet_Cupcake* August 07, 2010

I am amazed! I have bought kudo bars for years for kids lunches and snacks. This recipe rocks! It is much tastier than the prepackaged type, are better for you and so much cheaper! Have made batches with peanuts, almonds, dried cherries and coconut. Awesome! I put them in snack baggies and pop them in the cookie jar waiting for an on the go snacker. Thanks!

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Southernmamato3 July 03, 2010

Used brown rice puff cereal not rice krispies.. also, I forgot to freeze my chocolate chips, and they melted, but it still tasted good. Thanks for the yummy recipe~

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mommymakeit4u June 10, 2010

I love this recipe. it was the first no-bake granola bars I tried and I loved them! I used Honey and coconut instead of corn syrup and raisins. I freeze my choco chips before I used them so they don't melt and I have also tried this with sunflower seed butter instead of PB. We can't sent PB to school so the Sunflower Seed butter is a nice alternative. But I do find the sunflower seed butter is much much sweeter than PB. I might cut back the sugar next time so these are not too sweet.

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Chef Bridy January 08, 2010

Very good. I cut the brown sugar down to 1/4 cup and used Zante currants, (are smaller than raisins and easier to eat, so the kids don't mind them) and regular (locally ground) peanut butter. No vanilla. * YOU HAVE TO PRESS THEM DOWN IN THE PAN * like the top reviewer said, or they will be crumbly. You actually have to compress them pretty thoroughly. But they're a wonderful substitute for having to buy them (very overpriced) already made.

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Donut Chef January 17, 2009

I love this recipe! I can't believe I haven't reviewed it yet for as often as I make it. I use 2 cups of puffed rice cereal (not Rice Krispies, but the plain ol' puffed rice with a single ingredient of brown rice), 1/4 cup of brown sugar, and sometimes molasses instead of corn syrup. Sometimes I use almond butter instead of peanut butter, so it could be made quite allergy-friendly. As recommended, I mix everything except the mini chocolate chips (I tried full-size, and mini are better), let it cool slightly, then add the mini chips. Oh yum yum yum! It's still quite sweet, so I've been playing with it, and I can replace some of the syrup/molasses with water with acceptable results. The trick to good results is to PRESS the bars into the pan. PRESS HARD. The less air, the more likely it is to stay in bar form! I use a piece of waxed paper to keep my hands (or lid) clean while pressing. Next I pop the pan in the freezer to make the bars easier to slice. I usually slice into 12 bars instead of 16 (too yummy to skimp) and wrap each one with press-n-seal (I've been happiest with that for this). Then I store the bars in the freezer until I need a snack. And when I remember I have these in the freezer, I can feel the need to snack building up! At least it's healthier (and cheaper) than so many other snack choices. I'm a huge fan of recipes that are flexible, meaning they can be used as a starting point to make something different. Other dried fruit, nuts, coconut ... just imagine this with chopped almonds and coconut instead of raisins! I'm sure that would be awesome too! This is the best kind of flexible recipe because I only measure the dry ingredients (fewer dishes to wash, and I just rinse after dry stuff), and I get good results eyeballing the sticky stuff.

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nethope January 23, 2016

These were very tasty. I doubled the recipe and used a jelly roll pan to make a bunch to freeze. I replaced the raisins with chopped dates, and added a couple tablespoons of ground flax and chia seeds because I knew I could hide them in there pretty easily. Forgot to add the chocolate chips. Will make again!

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Amy E. November 01, 2014
No-Bake Rice Krispies Peanut Butter Granola Bars (Lower-Fat)