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I liked this...was a bit frightened to use all the sugar stated...went with less than half and opted to forego the sub (considered using xylitol and will when i have the $$$ to try that :) ) ...'stead used more beans and added moistened flax meal to help bind the set up...added peanut butter chips in with the walnut and served it for New Years par-tay :) {{YAY}}...thought it was yummy...love using beans in sweets and love the undertone of earthiness they lend...made for the "COMFORT CAFE Event" and this is super comforting :wink: - want to play with this whole notion more with using even less powdered sugar and subbing dates and bannana...and such things that I use in "raw" sweets...also will try it full sugared to bring when I have more people to share it with {{'cause i am just not allowed to be near that much sugar all alone {{lol}} :) }} - worked great with all my play... so try it- - - it is yum-yum comfort food - :) - Thanks Happy Harry...Happy '09!!!

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free-free January 10, 2009
No Bake Pinto Bean Fudge