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My first thought when I licked my fingers after mixing and pressing these bars was "hm - I don't know...". But what a surprise when I got them out of the fridge and tried the first bar! They're amazing. I made one batch with sesame seeds, carob, whey protein and stevia for DH, and although he usually doesn't like stevia he liked the licorice flavor they lent to the bars ("Oh, great - low carb licorice!!"). As I'm allergic to stevia and carob, I made my batch with raw cocoa powder and rice syrup, used a little less water and replaced the sesame seeds by hemp seeds because I hadn't any sesame seeds left. Also I used brown rice protein for me, and first I thought the strong flavor of the rice protein would make the bars inedible. But resting time in the fridge made the flavors blend together so the special flavor of the protein vanished, and the result is the best I had so far with this kind of protein bar! They're soft but not sticky like some bars that glue your teeth and kind of glop down your throat. I'll sure make this again and try mixing in some coffee or pumpkin pie spice :D Thanks for posting! Made for Healthy Choices ABC.

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Mia in Germany March 25, 2010

I am super pleased with these bars and so is my husband! I, also, made a batch with chia seeds, which turned out very good. Used a raw protein powder from garden of life. Hoping to try some different variations just for variety. Not sure what yet, but I'll experiment a bit....the other reviewer mentioned pumpkin pie spice....probably will give that a shot.

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gdlehman January 20, 2011

Quite good, and much more economical than buying low carb protein bars! I did have to sub based on what I had available, so I used chia seeds rather than sesame, and sun butter in place of the nut butter. Chewy and satisfying. I will say to pay attention about not adding the water all at once. I only needed a little more than half the amount to get these to the right consistency.

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Queen Roachie July 23, 2016

I added your receipy to Myfitnesspal and it produced the following nutrition table for it per serve (1 bar) As you can see below the nutrition table looks excellent and is the best DIY munch bars I could find! Each bar is 184 Calories mainly derived from the Cocoa and Coconut products. Fat 11.2g Cholesterol 0g Sodium 20.8mg Potasium 163mg Total Carbs 8.7g Protein 18.1g Vitamin A 0.8% Vitamin C 0.2% Calcium 9.2% Needless to say I used low carb protein powder instead of the rice as a protein source. I can produce a calorie breakdown if anyone is interested but I'm a low Carber at heart!

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Anonymous May 28, 2015

These are absolutely wonderful. I replaced the sesame seeds with hulled hemp seeds. I also used Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Powder so I did not need to add the cocoa powder. I also added 1 tsp of butterscotch flavoring. I only needed 1/4 cup water. This is a yummy, easy protein bar. Thank you for posting such a great low carb protein bar. My kids loved it too and gave me a "Two Thumbs Up" for them. I love it.

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YumYum4TheTumTum! February 23, 2014
No-Bake Low-Carb Protein Bars