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The kids were having a sleepover last night and my daughter made these. They're delicious. Messy, by the way, but delicious. We used 3/4 cup golden syrup and 1/4 cup honey instead of corn syrup (ran out) and made it in the microwave oven. It was simple then to reheat when it started to set in the bowl. (Safety alert: very hot!)

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Sherrie-pie October 22, 2005

This is a very good recipe for cookies. I will make these again and again. Made for Football Pool 2013.

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pamela t. October 24, 2013

These cookies were a big hit in my neighborhood, my dh and friends are still raving about them. I made exactly as written, except that I used 3 dark chocolate chips instead of the star, I couldn't find any. I did find that you had to work quickly when droping the mixture onto the wax paper. These were very tasty satisfying cookies, soft and chewy, with a delicious flavor. My dh found them very addicting. Thank you for sharing a recipe that we will enjoy again. Made for Fall Pac 2011

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Baby Kato October 29, 2011

I made these for my son to take to school for his birthday. Problem I had is they disappeared VERY QUICKLY!!!! I didn't have the chocolate starts so I just used Hershey Kisses they worked out great! I think for the next time I too may try the bars; although the spoonfuls worked just fine for me. I used 6 cups of cereal that was perfect!!!! I like them better then the chocolate no bake w/ oatmeal. This is an AMAZING recipe that is now a FAMILY FAVORITE!!!! They are a huge hit in our house. Thanks so much for posting!

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Roadrunner December 20, 2010

Great flavor, but no setting up. I put it in a bar pan after only trying to scoop one out. I had to make subs due to food allergies. I used Choclate soy butter, agave syrup and puffed millet cereal. It was just too dry. Maybe adding some milk or butter would help. My other issue is that we are experiencing a heat wave so my house it about 80 inside, hence the no bakes! Maybe the lack of humidity dryed them out too much. This was a good way to use up the cereal that was not being eaten. We are eating them with spoons out of a bowl! Great ice cream topping too!

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Peanut Free Baker July 28, 2009

These were fantastic!!! I made these over the weekend to take to my mum's. My brothers love peanut butter so I figured between my son, hubby and brothers they would get a thorough testing. They received high praise from all I even thought they were good and I am not a big peanut butter lover. Like other reviewers I found I did need more Special K as well but that was no biggy. I also could not get stars or kisses so I used a regular bar of milk chocolate. For less mess I poured the entire mixture into a lightly greased pan and once set I slipped it out and sliced it into more cereal bar sizes. I have already had requests to make these again, thanks for the post!!

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The Flying Chef January 12, 2009

They were fine. I brought them to a BBQ and most were eaten. One woman said she thought they were great. I did use Hersey's kisses rather than chocolate stars and I used about 7 cups of Special K. I don't know if I'd make these again, though.

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ShaGun May 01, 2006

I thought that this was a very tasty cookie. I used all honey instead of corn syrup, and it was like eating a crunchy peanut butter and honey sandwich. Very satisfying. The only real issue that I had with this recipe was that I thought that there was too much liquid for only six cups of cereal. So, I upped the cereal to nine cups and thought that the cookies were just the perfect consistency then and not nearly as goopy. Thanks for sharing your recipe!!

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I'm_Genia February 13, 2006

These were great and really easy to make! Like the other reviewer, I heated everything up in the microwave, and I also halved the recipe, as it's just me and hubby, and although we could probably eat 5 dozen cookies, we sure don't need to...lol. I couldn't find chocolate stars so I just used Hershey's kisses and they turned out just fine...what a great recipe! They are sweet enough to satify a sweet tooth, but not too sickening sweet. I will for sure be making these again! Thanks Bayhill and congrats on winning the football pool!

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Troop Angel December 04, 2005
No Bake Cookies