Ninja Ham Salad

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1 min
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Ninja cookbook.

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  1. Place all ingredients in the Mini Master Prep Bowl, onion at the bottom and sweet relish on top. Secure the top and pulse in quick bursts for about 5 seconds, until your desried consistency has been reached.
  2. Serve in sandwiches or pulse extra fine and serve as a spread on crackers or mini toasts.
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Wow! These 5 simple ingredients = great flavor. It's creamy and tangy and it makes a darn good sandwich. Perfect for using leftover ham or just diced ham. Thanx!

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Creamy and flavorful. I made this with leftover Pork Medallions Dijon that I rough chopped in place of the ham. That being the only change. I did make it in the food processor till smooth and this sure was delish! Served on a roll with lettuce and tomato. Thanks!